Weaving life

We are magic. We take each strand of the life we are given, anchoring to the tiniest bit of whatever, a blade of grass, a person, a place, and we stretch it out to the next layer, to the next after that, endlessly weaving our life of words, memories, souls we encounter, all of it. We spin our webs with a pattern in mind, revolving round on the next, bringing it in tighter and tighter, even finding sometimes we weave too thin, that parts of our design break from tradition, a hole forms where we didn’t expect and things fall through. We can backtrack and try to fix the hole or decide to let it become a new part of the picture we create. We accept it as a fact of life and there for it is beautiful in itself and stays the way it is.

Sometimes we encounter forces beyond our control. Perhaps we’ve built our art in a busy area, where accidents happen and we aren’t wanted and thus removed. Then it becomes one of two things, a tragedy that we find we don’t have the heart to rebuild and so move to a hole somewhere to live out our time, just eking by, catching our joys like bugs where we sit, or we rise up to rebuild, perhaps in a new and better place where our chances of success are far greater and where fear will not take down what we’ve built. We keep working away night and day at this new creation, setting up right smack dab in the middle where we can survey anything coming, giving us time to get away if need be or just deciding which morsel we will delve into first. For we have created this grand thing, this life which is abundant in it’s giving, if only we give the gratitude and share in our goodness. We move in the gentle breezes that life sends our way, balanced in our creation that we are a part of. We watch the admiration of those who notice, who stop and say “wow, look at that, how amazing…I wonder how they did it” and we smile and acknowledge their praise and let them into our world, knowing they will be careful for they have seen and will do no harm.

We watch the rising of the sun and the beginning of the day and we are alive and happy to be a part of the moments that were born to us to spin each segment, eager for more and as we create our reality filled with beauty and peace, we realize that in our giving of beauty, we are richly rewarded and that not everyone will appreciate and enjoy, those that do are now a part of our creation, our web, our life.

Thoughts as I came through the gate this morning…the sun was rising and glistening on this beautiful spider web. The crab looking spider staying in the center, perhaps watching me trying to get a proper picture of it and I’m hoping unfortunately that at some point it will relocate for it is in the way of things but for now, I will try to let it survive the day. It is anchored by grass and with the dogs running about, I’m sure it will not last, but now I have captured it and sharing it with you, for tomorrow I may be sad to see it gone. The dew glinting off the threads gave it a “hanging star” effect. Have a beautiful day friends.