Between the sheets

Words come in fits and starts

Tug of war with the thoughts happening,

Each one set forth in a meticulous manner,

Most happiest when set free in chaos.

Between the sheets the stories born,

Given birth by dreams and conversations,

By memory and faith-

Pieced together with a loving hand

Created to serve those who seek.

Page after page stacked 

Through sweat and favor of a moment free,

Crossed out, erased, then restated

Trying to find the place for it to fit,

When stacked amongst the classics

It grows aware of what it represents,

Standing proud in its smallness

Grateful for having been set in ink at all,

And these meager words found when least expected,

A quiet yet excited understanding,

For what lay between the sheets rises

Blown by the wind of chance,

Given in a spirit free

Shared just because it is enough.

Through laughter and tears (an ode to friendship and writing)

In between a thought and the sentence read,

there is a voice in this world

who captured the secrets of you and I,

who has hung the story out on their sleeve

and somewhere caught in the middle 

I thought I heard my name,

It told me of life, of those forgotten yesterdays.

The days I see when I close my eyes,

back in school and first loves,

family matters and other things best forgotten,

you told my story for the world,

but it wasn’t just mine,

it was his and hers

it was everyone who read and saw

the reflected image like a mirror held up

to relive the emotion

the laughter through tears

of times now passed yet revisited,

older and wiser

and able to stand tall and say

that was me,

thank you for your courage 

to share and say I understand.

Because you are me and he is she

and the world is one whole being,

moving to the beat of the same drum at times,

and how they are dancing free

and telling the story of then and now

just like you and me.


Beyond the sea

Words like sand moving slowly
Currents like joy
Course through the soul
Tossing and turning
Worn and polished
Hues of life.
Empty spaces filled through time
Cupping the universe
Each grain connected in unity
Left ashore to be found
Shaken off and set
In pockets filled with the grit
Of specialness.
Set in light through screened windows,
Colors reflected through
Desktop moments of days remembered
Casually fingered as the mind drifts
To yesterday.
The passing time of hustle and bustle
In concrete jungles far removed
From ocean views and peace
That finds us beneath the setting sun
And we smile when finding that break
In the fabric of our days
Where the tiniest bit of sun gets through
To find us waiting
On our dreams.
Shells on beaches
And forests of green
Skies of blue
And lavender morn,
Each color found where I tread
In this crayola world
Life’s box of crayons
Painted in sentences
Hung on the fridge
The wonder of it all
As fresh pages wait
And passion set alight
With the rippled edges
Of thought.