Between paths

We walk through fields and valleys

life moves us along as the wind blows

choosing our place between beauty and peace

we greet each storm with hope.

Colors invade the space of our senses

crafting a universe of all we see,

for choosing light through darkest clouds

we break through to find

a new and clear open horizon,

a course to chart and find

with each continued step along the way.

We close our eyes and listen

as words are said and we give it meaning

understanding when it is time to move on,

leave behind the ditches and mire

climbing out with lended hand

we reach out to grasp on to what we know

and leave the decay behind

as the shadows cry on

still muttering away about it all,

we smile and break free

flying high on a life of peace

in dancing flowers of hues too many to count,

we take our place

watching the clouds move

through the light of today.

Grains of words

The words

driven by the emotion of action

whipping their sting like sand in wind

can only hurt if you let it.

To not agree with position

but to respect the freedom to express

will start less fires if set free untethered,

if not given the fuel,

they simply blow away-

for it is in retort that pain is inflicted

where acknowledgement given

is like air and paper tossed on a dwindling fire.

I set free the things I see

the words I hear which I cannot agree

for if I hold it within

the consuming will occur

and bits of soul will blow

with sorrow into the sky

and I choose to hold the pieces of the soul intact

patchwork at times but complete

and I watch the wind blow the grains

as I wave goodbye with the storm that moves past

and I can walk away in peace

knowing I was just a witness

to something that wasn’t meant to be

a piece of the me

who is still in the process

of becoming.

The storms move in and through our lives

we buckle down and prepare for what we can

let go of what doesn’t matter

gather close what does,

like words and action

I live in my truth but it is mine,

never expecting another to take it as their own

but I share freely for those who take

for it is given in love

and that above all, is all that is important.

Sending peace and love to any living in conflict with the world, others, etc…..there’s so much negative in the world….I choose to swim in the sea of love, hope you join me…the water’s beautiful (or it will be after Hermine goes away and restores my luscious blue green sea to itself).

Into The maelstrom 

Tossed and turned about
ship unanchored moving in
to the wind whipped depths
returning to the open sea
lost for a moment in an eternity,
anger claims hold in white washed waves
as sleep elludes the restless soul
darkness clashing forces
something so simple
turned into another deep dive
in to the bottomless emptiness
and you can throw the vest, the ring,
the device that cannot save-
for there is only one way to rise above
this maelstrom
and that is to go deep within
to explore that which lays claim
like the handful of ships before
sunk and without notice
destination unknown,
pieces of history barely remembered
yet for the wire tongued whip
trying to keep it in line
and the feckless student
wise beyond his time
turning disdain to the Motherland
better to run aground
learning how to survive
than clinging to a sinking ship
whose day has come to run aground
to become but a fading memory
of yesterday and the storm
that launched the ideas
of a place of blue seas

Gorgeous image of Venice FL by : Kristen Gunn