movement in water

Reminiscent of a large Yul Brenner
He moves with eyes closed
Tai chi in the chlorine waters
Of the pool.
Arms circular
Between laps
Speaking to a stranger
He tells of a life so full
Almost miraculous.
A pastor of many churches
Speaks of protests and people
With silly jokes
He exudes a peace.
He was a teacher of many things
Yoga and tai chi
And meditation
Mind overcoming
And his call from his God
To follow the path
That brought him back to this
Place in time
Where I encountered him,
And my life is just a little more full
For having met this random stranger.
I tell him of our game of
Unexpected pool ball
And how we gathered strangers
That came from around the world,
None speaking each other’s language
But for an hour under sun
We played like small children again
No words spoken
Laughter and joy shared
In a pool of people
So different
Yet ultimately the same
Living life
In a moment together
Not separate after all.

A table for many

Join me
The whole of the world
All welcome
We shall sit
Sharing tales and
Camaraderie and laughter
You and I
A celebration
Of a world united
In this moment
Of love
Of laughter
We will tell of dreams
And wishes
Making a toast to
A new and bright tomorrow
That will shine better
Brighter than today.
I close my eyes and see it
Spread before me
Inspiration of joy
Friends and strangers
Come together
For this table is set
For you to enjoy
The dream that is life
And the hope for the future
Where no one is hungry
Where no one is alone
At this table
Of unlimited chairs
I welcome you there.
This table IS life
It will be all you make of it
So come and share
We are waiting for you.