Streams of consciousness

You come to me
In Deepest slumber
Lessons of student and sky
To fly yet grounded
Document lost
Who I am
Nowhere to be found
On the higher plane
Conscious running free
Like clearest mountain stream
Slivers of silver reflected
Through the rushing movement
Emotion like slippery stone
Creating waves
From underneath
Below the surface there lies
A higher horizon of night to day
And caught in the middle
Between light and dark
The stream slips past silently
And in the moment of perfect solitude
The dawn of realization
That this is all
There needs to be
The here
The now
The who I truly am
A part of whole
Yet nothing at all
A speck
A grain
Of sand in time
Streaming form
Of memory.

Pool of dreams

She sits by the edge
Gathering the dreams
That move along
Like a leaf in a stream.
Her mind drifts along
With a song and a whisper
Of sunshine in her heart.
She gazes down
Seeing reflections
Of changes
Of truth
Of a wonderful life
And all that will be.
She gathers up wishes
And touches her face
Laughing as the wetness
Runs down upon her heart,
Cleansing like a summer rain.
She moves farther down
Un afraid to see
The reality
Of all she desired
Of all she believed
Of each and every
Hopeful wish and dream.
Pooled and sparkling at her feet,
She scoops them all in her hands and
Throwing them so high,
Each speck turned to a star above
For all of the world
To wish upon.
She takes flight
With her wings of gold
And flies out amongst her kind
Gone for but a brief spell of time,
She will return
When the stars fall used
ANd will sprinkle once more
A new gathering
For the future.

Earth awakening

Can you hear that?
The slow drip of water
Off of the roof
Falling into a puddle below,
I see it there,
The trickle moving
Down towards the movement,
The creek below,
It is alive
Rushing with each drop
That fills it,
Empty cup,
Slowed to ice
Now ripples dancing
Over rocks that have been waiting
To join life again,to be a part
Of the earths spirit dance
Winter to spring,
Awake after what seems forever,
Down below the mighty
Life blood flows,
Let the green emerge
Oh my, I am laughing,
Such a sight
I am a part of
Lion to lamb
Sleep to wake