Balanced strength

Living a life, like most everyone else
Balancing thought, faith , need
Amongst the status quo.
Who we are,
Reflections of ourselves
If we sleep well at night
What we believe shouldn’t matter
Except between ourselves and
Our consciousness.
I am me
You are you,
I could not change
A thing,
But you wake each day
in your belief system and I in mine,
We respect each other,
LoVe each other
Believe in each other
And that is our life.
This universe has brought me to be
Who I am,
I can sleep, dream, believe,
I have it all at the touch of my finger
Peace being grounded,
Woods that embrace me as their own,
My world as I know it.
My friends in the great world,
I hear you, I read you,
I cry and laugh with you,
Just in case on this fine evening you who wrote words
Yet still felt so alone,
Just a thought to let you know,
Tomorrow shines a new day
And please do smile,
Through loss of family members,
Self, it doesn’t matter…
We all lose as that’s what this life
Just does….time is a system which no one
Can measure to,
Today, tomorrow,
How about now,
Right this very second.
Someone is here after all,
Funny how that works…
We’ve got you….
Just smile believe and hold out that hope…
Tomorrow is just another day
For you
For me.