Beside the waters

She rises in the soft of a lighted morning

beside calm waters cracked open with the orb

rising into the waiting sky,

the birth of another beautiful day.

We linger watching

fingers reaching out to trace

the slow and steady movement

earths heartbeat moves in waves

feet cool on shells and sand

stretching into the air the inhalation

of beauty held quietly

exhaled in peace and being.

Images captured in the mind’s eye

taken back to sit and contemplate

over coffee and the scent of warm bread,

yellow yolk wiggles like a small round belly,

spices of life added

and the sounds of birds beyond the wall

sing to her of a new day that waits

for her steps to move forward

beyond the scope of her dreams.

Beautiful art by Vladimir Kush


Morning skies beam in colors

brisk breath hanging on air,

caught up in the web-like fingers of the distant trees

hooked on a view beyond compare.

I stand like a fool on the hill

balanced on the slope I stop my thoughts wondering

why it is these things we do without thought,

leaning to stay steady

just something we do without realizing,

how in tune our bodies are to terrain

and how we seldom fall as if somewhere,

invisible wires keep us upright

standing strong.

The sun moves higher too,

on its course doing what it always does

just because

the cosmic pull from night to dawn

the internal workings of the universe

unseen but there.

Energy pulls us upright within as each step taken

moving down the hill to more level ground

we lean and step taking care

to move ourselves into just the right position

as we gaze above at the might of the unknown,

and hooked on all that we see

or dream.

Angels gather

Pressed on morning skies
Rippled clouds go drifting by
I sit and watch the flowers move
Pushed on gentle winds
Invisible hands thread through.
The peace of this day fills my thoughts
As I see the world move about
Going here or there
Yet here I sit
Content to see the rising sun
And marvel in the blessings
This day shall bring.
Tiny birds sit on wires
Watching as the earth conspires
To bring about the sweetness of
This glorious show so high above.
With time to spare
I linger there
Where angels circle
And nature wakes
Green grass before me
And thistle tall
Just taking it in
The beauty
The wonder of it all.
Thoughts as I sit in my car before work, watching the wild things move and sway, content to see this peaceful Friday, and my angel who hangs in my car, miracles happen her words say and welcome to another day.