Glitter like gold

We live our lives

like tides moving in and out

never stationary for any given moment,

glittering like gold on the ocean waves.

We come to places that bring peace,

passers by in this second of time,

watching the faces of strangers

dappled in light from the sinking sun,

we shine when we feel

the salt spray glisten upon our souls,

hushed words at sacred places where

nothing remains but candles and the sense

of a moment when everything changed,

saying our prayers to the clouds above

for something beyond our fingers touch.

Mermaids slip silently by,

their bodies languid on the gentle waves

a flicker of a circle and then into the depths,

on their way to their next audience.

We smile as we move on our way

memories captured to carry

away with our hearts

as we gaze behind in the mirrors,

content to be breathing,

to be at peace.

An accident occurred where this image was taken, a father and daughter plunged their vehicle into the water, and although a few attempted the rescue, were unable to save their lives. There are two candles and a bouquet of flowers to mark the spot, where we had walked so many times before. A solemn place this night where the sunset glittered on the waves like gold. Rest in peace Carol and Gene.


Through the lens

We see our lives moving,
rippled like meager waves
changing with the tides
and seen through what lies before us,
through the lens of our experience.
Skeletal branches framing our minds
as we see the colors of our perceptions change
and we welcome the solitude of here,
where the sun sits low in the cradle
rocking gently to sleep,
we whisper wishes for another day to live fully,
to master our moments completely in peace
and to watch a thousand stars peer down at us
as we carry on just like everyday.
The value of a memory
so rich and fluid
as we ride the crest of those times
unaware of the dangers,
just being small children
doing what it is we do best
and we build our castles
which wash away long after we’ve gone home
but we will remember when we grow old and grey
those special moments,
the endless days beneath a summer sun
as fall draws us in to her autumn embrace
we hunker in and smile
longing for those simpler days
remembering the colors of that one setting sun
as we close our eyes
and in the depths of dreams,
slip quietly away.

Night Moves

She stood there in the fading orange yellow light

turquoise bikini in a setting summer field

dressed in water as she watched

the young man watch her,

that certain age when a girl knows

she’s working on the moves to capture

the joy of a young mans mind and soul

as she ducks under before surfacing

to seek his eye once more.

I had been there once so very long ago,

yet not as practiced in my shy girl routine

which was ingrained and boys

were merely a passing thought out of reach.

She smiles and looks away as the yellow slips lower

and the crowd on the jetty

seemingly like camels in a desert background

stand and look the other way at the show

while a young girl turns and walks beyond the waves

to the waiting shore beyond

without a backward glance

grabbing a towel around her slender growing frame

and disappears into the night

moving without a sound

as he watches her slip between trees

vanishing beyond view

and the sun too bids adieu

to the critics who gave a glowing review

of the now ended show

and perhaps a boy now dreams this night

of a pretty blue two pieced girl with long brown hair

and curves that work the night moves

into a memory.

Nothing deeper than….

Star of fire lays in the sky
And I can’t sleep till she slips beneath into
Her shroud of darkness
for it is who I am
restless in the night of shadows
watching for her demise.
Oh she will return,
don’t get me wrong
for it is her nature to glisten
on the earth like a mirage
rippling in the city streets
testing the patience
of the weary.
There is nothing deeper than fire,
stirring the embers of a mind moving
ever moving,
searching the depths for shade,
for release,
and in the quiet of a moment she descends,
whispering words of solace
of another day passing and a new one on yet to begin,
pouring out the golden goodness as only she can,
swimming in her beauty as she warms the chill away,
for only she can slip beneath skin
and remind
that over and over again,
she will return
and there will be no rest
until she is done.
Without her is death,
within her is life
surrounded in her embrace
we are alive.

Sun whispers

I need to be in the whisper of a setting sun

as the rays fall down upon me like the dream of stars

that wait behind the curtain

readying their selves for their evening role.

I long to touch the sky as the night air cools this atmosphere

and my mind reaches into the banks of the day,

remembering moments of ups and downs,

ready for the darkness to envelop my thoughts

taking them into the bliss of a dream of tomorrow.

I wait as the silence fills the spaces,

as the birds nestle down for the night that holds

softly like a mothers hands,

and I watch as their white forms turn to nothing,

no longer visible,

only imagined in my mind from what I’d seen

waiting for the whisper to come

a gift from the setting sun.


Split images

I hum long-lost songs of youth

fine lines fresh in my mind

and an image appears of a moment lived

years before now.

The grapevines heavy with their load

as the sun sinks down like a disciplined dog

cowering behind the clouds

serene and a bit sad

at the passing.

Night comes to find the twinkling lights

the deck alive with laughter and toasts

glasses of wine damp with sweat

hot summer nights on a finger lake.

Playing with buttons to capture

each image as it passes us by,

double sun and fields beyond

and a quiet lake still with the coming of night

and I remember the scent in the air

the beauty of the moment

and I sing the songs to no one in particular

lost in the history of our past.

Split images and the beauty inspired

I remember it as if yesterday,

lost in the mist that fell with the setting sun

cool escarpment night.

Image taken at Wagner Winery in the finger lakes on a Friday night a few years ago where a live band played and at least 300 people celebrated, drank their lovely wine and danced till it was time to leave…a beautiful view.

Lyrics from the song in my Mind: Split Decision-Steve Winwood

Sometimes I think I know too much
‘Bout what goes on in the real world and such
Half of me is certain, the other isn’t sure
One half has the symptom, the other has the cure
By the time there’s nothing left to choose
One half has the answer, the other looks for clues

It’s a fine line, a very fine line
Split decision
It’s a fine line, a very fine line

Sometimes I think we’ve come too far
If we’re lost and if not where we are
Half of us is easy, the other half is hard
Even though we do our best, we end up being scarred
By the time there’s nothin’ left to choose
One man puts the fire out, the other lights the fuse

Setting of breath

Fire filled orb
Progressing slowly down
Through the atmosphere
Warm breezes blow
As I breathe in deeply
And let go.
To see it all
Over again yet never losing
The fascination
Of a beautiful moment imprinted
Upon the memory
I breath out
Becoming still.
A flash of green fire
As it dips its rays below the surface
Light slowly dissipating
The stress of a day
Fading into nothingness
Slipping away into itself.


I watched the road
Long and winding before me
The sun falling into the trees,
Illuminated gift of the sky
Lay open before my eyes
And I wanted to capture
To hold this vision on film
To show you the beauty
Of this moment
But it would never be enough
To capture this
Because it is mine
And mine alone.
I cannot tell you
The emotion that moves through
And you have your own visions
Your own feeling
And this moment is here for me
And I am honored
And I am here in this space
Of a beautiful sky
Filled with color
Filled with hope
And I moved along
So very tired
So very worn
And it has made a difference
To be here in this second
And I could snap the scene
I could show you all I have
Here before me,
But it would never be enough
For me it is the end
Of a stretch of thought
The mind that moves into twillight
Navigating forward
Into the joy of beauty
Into the setting sun of today
And I long to share the image,
Of home visited for but a moment
But that sun will light my way
Showing me how
To get back home again
As the day moves to night
That once more turns to day
I can breathe
I can see visions of light
And I will turn back again
To journey through
To peace.

Missing home after a long time away….weary, worn and homesick for my own bed….

Sunset bliss

Gliding across water
Smooth flow of waves
Tight sail filled
The fins move effortlessly
Three arced dolphins
And for a moment
I am with them
Moving in tune
With the wave.
Sun falls gently down
Reflection of orange
My eyes shaded to the magnificent light
Into the water she slips
And then gone.
Wind dies and sail limp
We sit in silence
The water splashing against the hull
Rocking motion lulls the mind
Into a sense of pure emptiness
The bliss of being here
Of reaching out to wave goodbye
To the setting sun
As we turn and move towards land
As we head home
Moving softly through
The waves
To the jetty beyond.

Woman captures sun

In her gentle cupped hands
she holds them to the world
overflowing with peace and love
she is the woman who caught the sun.
Beams of goodness spread
to the world and loving kindness
is all she knows,
through darkness she moves
like a candle illuminated
to shines on me
and I am found.
In her hands
she holds the smiles found
and shares them with all,
friends and strangers
can feel the love they
searched for all of their lives,
warm and soothing,
spreading outward
a world wide gift of light and peace
she has shared with me
as I now share with you.
These are the hands
of a woman who caught the sun
of a woman who teaches
that this world is small enough
to fit in the palm
and when light is added,
the darkness no longer remains
in the hearts where love resides.