With you

I close my eyes
As fever burns
Coursing through
I see you there
Not so far away
Yet I cannot be
Where I need to be
I cannot be
There with you.
The hands that heal
Will hold your force
As it moves through the hands
With light and life
To see you well
To feel you move
Free of the burden
Blood like a river
Moving past
The rocks that block.
I close my eyes and I am there
By your side
A daughters wish
To the light above
To see you through
To be by your side
Once more
But for now I wait
I send energy out
To see you smile
Once more
Another day
I will come
As my body betrays
At a time most needed
You are there
And I am here
And the saddest times
Are those spent apart today
Of absence
Of longing
Of ability to be
With you.

My mother is in for carotoid artery surgery this morning and I have a severe cold bug and cannot be there for her for fear of getting her sick. As I cough and sneeze, she is being healed by a surgeons hands. I send my energy out to stand in my stead, sad yet secure that she will be well once more. Asking for healing prayers this morning. Thank you my friends.

Simply life

You are the flower
Sewing seeds upon this world
Giving life
Where emptiness had been found.
Heart laid bare
Surviving the days
Moving forward
Regaining the semblance of order
When needed most.
I come to you
Words trying to convey calm
As I feel you hold me from behind
Tears falling free
No judgement just raw emotion
And the fear that is spoken
I cast aside
As I am not ready yet to let this moment pass,
The feel of you holding me
An adult yet still the child
Hanging on to composure
Not letting you see
The tipping point of tears,
No, not yet,
This is not the time
For goodbyes,
Just a simple life I love you
From daughter to mother.
We’ve been down this road before,
Strewn with the silence of tomorrow,
Holding back to go the distance,
As you sat by my side,
Chemicals invading each inch
As red poison flowed through
You held my hand
You were the strength
You were there simply being you.
I will be there
Not deserting my post
To hold your hand or dry your tears
To be the one this time round,
Simply life moments
That come and go for each of us,
Just a simple love from the deepest wells
Full of wishes.
Tomorrow will dawn clear,
Sunshine will come and bestow the gifts
Of bigger and better days
And we will be there together,
Walking your garden
And plucking a bloom,
Reveling in the beauty of this life,
Grateful for the simplicity
Of a love born so long ago
That nothing,
Not even time or age
Can ever destroy.

Hand made love

A child born

creation by hands of two

after the I do’s

held together with fragile threads

stitched through the winds of change and time.

Years pass in the blink of an eye

quickly like a hummingbirds wing

the moments flit by almost invisible

and recalled in sweet and sorrowful memories.

Half a century almost gone

and voices on lines quiver in a fear

of days to come

but they approach with or without our permission

and we stand helpless to stop the nature

of the progression of life.

Thoughts of strength sent across the universe,

a breath in and out filled with

trepidation and positiveness,

though both do not compliment each other

in an all or nothing thought,

the belief to know that good will come

manifested in thoughts

yet still wavering a bit.

A hundred flowers of beauty I see

stitched with the delicate thread

wound in and out like the lives we lead

as we struggle to know and believe

in outcomes that suspend

our lives a bit longer,

that seek to show

our love a bit stronger,

and a tear of joy shed

when they say it is all good

you may go home now.