Going about it

The business of just being

finding themselves moving about this life,

two souls hobnobbing about with royalty,

going about it in their own way,

in search of the shine of a better day.

Silly things really, stowed away

almost unseen like the lizard on a car

and a license of integrity,

did she see in the rearview the passenger

catching a breeze on a hot day,

jumping to a new destination

free ride on the by-way,

perhaps a thumb out as if to say,

hey babe, heading my way?

Turning and moving away from the path

small dot still remains heading home,

and its never as great as the fish that almost got away

before taking a nose dive into the boat

trying so hard to escape

but alas, not your time yet

a bit too small to be part of the haul

so back you go to the locker

and the hook plunges in

tempting heads to entice the supper

waiting at the bottom

as the rain waits to fall

this surreal world comes to call

and I write the fodder of a passing day

rightly ended with a splash of color over head

the skies jumbo slide hangs

and I wonder where the pot at the end

waits and for whom,

if not the dreamer and the images cast

leaving a new thought behind

to an imagination fertile

with wondrous things.




Thoughts on yesterday again at the Dali museum, and how coming home, a lizard was riding on a womans back windshield, out of the wind as he didn’t go flying off, her license plate said integrty….I would think if she knew, she’d pull over and let the little chap off. The evening ending with a huge rainbow over our house which will be a photo for a post in the future….the fountain of youth outside Dali museum, I was laughing at the hubby, telling him it must be broken when I touched the spigot, water came rushing out and literally scared the bejesus out of me, I jumped like a scalded cat but had a good laugh, I guess that’s what will keep us young. Imagination and fun…my kind of life 🙂 The fish tale (a mermaid perhaps) is coming out of the Rolls Royce that sported the two snails on the front. The inside of the car has water running down like a reverse fountain, with the tale how we try to escape the rain by rushing into our car or home, yet here the rain is within. Very cool to see 🙂


Time and space

Her thoughts drift in quiet places
between wood and air
and the scent of earth damp
from a time that had arrived,
sweeping her into daydreams
blissful in the peace of woods
she wanders corridors of memories
searching for something lost,
knowing it like she knows
the minutes as the moon finds her
peering through leaves
raining down on her aching soul.
Words find and hit their mark
gracefully soothing as she watches,
waiting for full circle
to come round once more.
Whispered letters of the universe
read between lines
as she comes alive from the deepest place
he will rise to find her
calmly waiting with a smile
the light and the darkness
meld into one.

Rise full

She pulls down
Stars sucked in the vacuum
Of her feeble mind.
She holds the moon
Captured behind the bars
She tells him of her life,
Of each fear
Of each memory.
Grinding to dust,
The weakened stars glowing still,
She feeds her pet
Breakfast of illumination,
Leaving him silver to white
His light an energy vibration hum,
Lit with the magic.
He grows as each day passes
Till filled to the orb
Falls round
And she releases him to the sky
To the destiny he must fulfill,
To rise
To light her world
And perhaps to quench her fears
With his gentle presence,
To know he is alive
Because she cared.
He will summon her
His mistress
To feed his soul
And she will gather her stars
And in grinding the dust
To diamonds she will release to him
The pretties of his night
She will spread them
His mantle a cloak
Of loveliness.


Photo found at : http://sleepingunderstatues.tumblr.com/post/2787749370/i-love-remedios-varo