Burning bright

Years move through
passing moments filled
and the light of a favorite day shines
burning bright
with love.
We linger in the shadows of evening
together rehashing the highlights
of our day apart,
when we come together
sounds beyond our bubble stir
calming the hearts that gather.
In the darkness you lay beside me
your breath deep and peaceful
and I give thanks for this
and every moment we have
and for each year gifted
for you are my love
and I am blessed
beyond words.
A very happy birthday to my hubby Jeff. Forever hugs and smiles and all of my heart you hold, cheers to many many more💜💕💚🎂

Life is like a bowl of…

We pass the years
blended and turned into new tastes,
experiments with our bounty
we inhale the aromas brought forth,
sweetest concoctions stirred
a loving hand holds a spoon eager,
the bite of life so loved.
The sun living within the colored orbs
we squeeze the essence out of each day given
spices added where needed
and we sup side by each
sipping the cocktail of our love
content in our bowl of this world
together in beauty
we spin our tales with humor and grace,
collecting the nectar with open hands.
Love takes so many forms,
as I juggle limes while walking
trying to ease the bag open
I gaze around at harried faces
and feel so content as I see you before me,
we come together at the intersection
with baskets loaded with the finest things
and we create laughter for the souls before us
realizing that this day always means so much more,
than a rushed pace that usually finds us tired
and the endless thoughts that fall at day’s end,
here in this moment
we take our fill in gratitude and deliver back to the universe
with love in our hearts,
fruit and meats in our baskets,
a feast for a King or Queen
we will partake of our meal over a crowd of pink roses,
thankful for each moment we have
to be here in this time

A Very Happy Anniversary to my beloved and favorite soul in this whole wide world. Farmers market finds in the fridge, Mojitos on tap this eve and some she sells sea scallops for supper (say that five times fast, I dare you) Life is good and each year will only get better ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Peace and love, K

Stirring senses

Sweetest thoughts spun
from nights lovely moments,
prone in dreams as the senses rest
I wander the shores of endless space.

Stirring the senses,
waves form like gentle hugs upon my soul
guiding me through the depths,
I ride the ripples of memory.

Tendons once tight, now ease in to the warmth,
gazing at horizons where I am so far from
and in a heartbeat I stand where my eyes can see
so far away yet still so dear to me.

Calm and filled I slip beneath
this universe stirring me in endless delight,
breathing in the essence of a glorious life
I float on the mood of a thousand dreams
whipped softly to a froth so sweet, so light.

I sip the rain, I taste the ice
cool and cleansing I refresh the senses
with scent and sound I drift away
to find the beauty in another amazing day.

Feeling light and had a most wonderful day at work yesterday. It’s nice to be able to say I love my job, the people who are smiling and so upbeat. Laughter and smiles abound, this amazing place I am so blessed to be a part of it all. I sleep each night deeply, waking refreshed and eager to start again. ❤