Releasing the magic

Somehow in my minds eye I see him there

Holding the door to let the light free

Every piece of magic from within

Living images of pictures and words

Delivered with just a touch of the hand

Overflowing inspiration he weaves a web

Never ceasing to disappoint.

Kindness flows from every crease

Living in shadows and emerging to spread light

Everything cut and pasted into beauty

Effortlessly from somwehere deep inside

Maker of magic he brings to life

Another splendid show

Never letting down the crowd.
A poem created for my friend Sheldon from the bottom of my heart for the joy you bring to mine and so many others lives here at WP.

Peace and love,


One year strong

A year ago today I started on the quest of starting a blog.
860 or so posts later and so many new friends found.
A year for me that has seen two books I am published in come to fruition thanks to the inspiration from other bloggers to go for my dream and most days still going strong, although sometimes as slow as a snail on sleeping pills at getting posts done, I am so very blessed and I wish to thank each one of you for the privilege and honor of sharing my inner most thoughts and words and actually having you read them and not laughing or calling the grammar police on me.
For seeing into the posts that you may wonder what the heck was she thinking and I too often wonder myself “if I only had a brain” what was I thinking….and finding something worthwhile in them.
For each comment you’ve given,
For each word of yours I have found and fell in love with,
For every photo of places I may never have seen without you sharing first,
And for those no longer with us that I still hold in my heart.
This is truly a place filled with beauty and magic and like Dorothy waltzing down the yellow brick road, I look forward to be off on new adventures to find the elusive wizard that gifts me with words that I proudly share with you my friends.
Thank you for 365 days of happiness and joy.
Believing in the possibilities and so very blessed.
Let the next year be just as wonderful and exciting as this has been!!!!
See you in 2015 my friends, peace and love and just a touch of patchouli just because.

About a dog

This is a short story that I just finally had to write about. Not my usual fare but here goes.

When I was a child I loved Snoopy (the cartoon beagle). I don’t mean just plain old childhood love, I mean the real deal. I had the sheets, the pajamas, clothes, stuffed toys, watched every cartoon on every holiday religiously (back before we had Beta Max and dvd’s) as it was so very special. Just that one viewing a year. Not over and over again like kids nowadays. I loved dogs and I loved snoopy!!! My gravitar when I attempted to start my blog was of course, Snoopy. My father was a hunter and as a child I was not allowed to play with the beagle or other hunting dogs, lest they be deemed not hunting worthy and a many a dog did not come home from his trips. Not until I was older did I realize where these dogs went to, and that makes me sad for them. But I had snoopy. Every year for holidays and my birthday I received in the mail a beautiful snoopy card signed by who else, but Snoopy of course. These cards were the first ones opened and I would get the biggest smile. Every year I got one, until the day I didn’t . It was my birthday and I was going into the teen years. I trekked to the door to get the mail but alas, no card. I was upset. What had I done to not deserve my card? My grandmother had passed away that spring and with a hint from my mother, I realized that all those years, it was my grandmother sending them, and now she was gone. I would get no more cards. SIGH. And then a wonderful blogger found me and every few days sends me a cute snoopy picture. They make me smile and brought back to me this tale that I thought I would share with you. I am truly blessed. People come into your life for a reason and quirky things happen to make a day brighter, universal nudges I like to call them.

I still have one card saved from Easter. The last holiday before my birthday. I think I will dig it out and touch those penned wishes with a fondness today, knowing that beautiful things happen and friends are truly a blessing and I thank you for listening to my ramble about a dog. And a hearty thanks to my pal Woodstock.