A blue world

Centered in the calm of night
peace reigns in with much delight,
change on air I hear the voice
understanding is always a choice.
I know there lies a sweeter sound
of humming on the tip of tongue,
you will return I heard her say
the bluest heart returned today.
I sit in thought as peace falls in
to tethered thoughts set free to begin
and slipping into the Southern breeze
the falling of the winter leaves,
a sigh let loose from the stranglehold
to step up strong, to be so bold.
The journey brings her back again
and water cool and waves of green
the beauty of life once more now seen.

“Underground sight and sound
Human Symphony
Heard the voice had no choice
Needed to be free
Fly me high touch the sky
Left the earth below
Heard the line saw the sign
Knew which way to go
Cos it’s easier to try
Than to prove it can’t be done
And it’s easier to stay
Than to turn around and run”
Blue World lyric The Moody Blues

A piece for a friend, no shades of purple, just essence of blue as seen last night as I felt a shift, knowing change is on the air and finding a reason to smile and be at a simple peace with the return. ❤ Peace and blessings.