All I learned from toys (childhood musings)

I often wonder what my parents were thinking when I think back to all of the variety of toys that were purchased for me when I was a child. Earliest recollections include the following:
A Betsy wetsie doll, feed the baby her food, packets of powder mixed with water to make some Nasty looking pablum and chew chew a few minutes later a diaper filled with green goo…..
Hmmmmm i wonder why I never wanted kids. Maybe it was early pregnancy prevention thoughts to be sitting idle in the psyche until needed later.
The doll with the long hair that if you pushed the button in her back the hair would suck up back into the head of the doll…..note to parents…hide the scissors because once you cut it off, you can’t put it back.
Barbie…..well my waist never did look like that and never will, and walking in high heels with tip toe feet is uncomfortable at best.
The sunshine fun family….ok, you can be a tree hugger with a pop up house and perfect looking children at a more discounted price for the whole family than the price of one Barbie.
The adventure people….mostly men with cool vehicles and boats and even a dolphin that blew out water from the hole…also fun to cover the bathroom in sprayed water to make a mess. These people did not fit in the Barbie world….
Star Wars character dolls….princess Leiya, spelled wrong I am sure, could kiss Ken and the whole star war group. Hey it was my world and I could do what I wanted.
Candy land…..the only way to pretend to have all the candy you wanted.
Chess….doubly boring……
Chinese checkers….more fun to throw the marbles at your siblings and lose most of them down the sump pump hole.
Mrs Beasley doll, librarian looking old lady doll…not played with much.
Stuffed animals….can be cleaned in washer after a stretch of the flu….vomit does wash up and hardy durable toys forever cherished.
Jigsaw puzzles….annoying to get to the end and find two pieces missing.
Evil Kneivel and his motorcycle….put in the rip cord and zoom….watch him go….when sent out a second story window, unlike real life, no broken parts…..
So we grew up with all sorts of mixed messages…have kids, don’t have kids, play nice together even if you are different, create fun, live dangerously to a certain extent, but don’t fly out windows, don’t wear high heels, and don’t expect to look as good as Barbie….unless you’re Dolly Parton, and then you can rock that waist.