Dense dreaming

Forests call
The stillness of green surrounds
These thoughts follow along
The path of broken thought.
Earthen dampness
A soft moss below my feet as I pass
Each tree the lived
So long before me.
A sullen bird chirps
As the wind rustles leaves above
And somewhere close the resounding crack
Trees falling in forests
Always heard by those within
The confines of magical places
And the crashing down
As branches break
Then silence fills the space
Where the thunder of the Gods play
And I continue along
Finding my peace
Like gathering feathers
That lay here and there
Forming a vision
Of flying.

To be….

Alive through ages
I’ve stood the tests of time
As hurricane winds blew
Roots planted and grasping
The core of earth.
Smooth skin surrounds me,
I feel your heart beat
As you wrap your arms around
And laugh as you couldn’t quite touch
Your hand to hand.
I shelter you from the harshest sun
My adornments in shades of seasons,
The gentle spring the best
Yet amazing in the autumn sun,
So very strong I would stand
As you lean your back against me
Maybe you dream perhaps?
Or you watch the stars twinkle at night
And I reach so high above
And pluck you the moon
If I could of course
But I cannot.
But I can send you a sign
I can show you the power
The magic of might,
If you only notice
For what it is,
My message of strength
For you to feel within yourself.
I am so ancient my child
I have stood my ground for a thousand years
To give the air you breathe,
To offer you a piece of myself
For your warming fire,
I would give You myself
Planks for a boat to carry you,
Yet to watch you sail away
Beyond the far horizon
Would be to miss a friend
And I’ve seen many In my life
As I’ve stood here by the bay
Knowing all that comes
Must finally go,
Myself to fall someday
Perhaps to be washed away
Floating as long as I could
Before falling unnoticed below,
But today I will sit here with you
Enjoying the silence
And I will sing to you my melody
Of rustling leaves,
To be
A simple tree.

Inspiration by Ka….a fun blog post of coming together to create art.

If you were a tree, what would life feel like?
Life would be filled with gentle ocean breezes, people of every walk of life below me giving me hugs and the sights and sounds of centuries gone by would be a wonder.

What kind of tree would you be, if you got to be a tree just now? My answer is a majestic oak that lived for hundreds of years down south.

If you could choose to make artwork to honor a tree, what format/media/style would it be in?
If I had to make artwork of a tree I would gather bark and pine cones to become leaves and dried grasses that surround the trunk to blow in the breeze.

Stop on by her post and add your thoughts and inspiration to her quest:

I love trees and they do send signs for us…natures messages. We had a strong rain blow through a few days ago and when it passed I went outside to find this:


Such a magical and amazing act of nature. Inspiration for strength.

The blessings

High they touch the night
Majestic and tall spires
Staring at the glittering specks
They too feel so small
Amongst the greatness
Of all above.
Limbs raised in praise
They sway like silent dancers
Whispering pine needles graced
With motion of life
Blanket canopy hangs like diamonds
Reflected loveliness of this sacred night.
Far away a candle burns
Bayberry flicker in the window
Heralding the stranger who comes
As creatures gather round
Below the mighty wood
Peace and wishes in unison
To one and all
This gentle night calls
The blessings of the trees bowing
At the beauty all around
Unity and fellowship
Hope and love
And a very special thank you
In gratitude of all that’s good.

To you and your families whether far or near, a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Peace, love and blessings.