We connect unexpectedly,
fissures threaded into one thought
weaving through the stratosphere,
invisible haven of a realm of peace
gathered tribe as one
bound on the path to a higher plane.

We seek the counterpart to ourselves,
isolation in a moment of release found
we are gathering the tools of wisdom
as we seek the answers to what lay within,
knowing the words of the mind
wait in tender bouquets of brilliance
colored with the music of a universe united.

Traveling the miles of space,
we play hopscotch with the stars above
beneath the lazy moon that lingers
lighting the way to our nova of dreams
we spread the laughter and joy like petals
watching them all fall down like rain,
and taste the drops of sweetness found
when like souls find one another,
into their being we gaze deeply
understanding we are all as one somewhere
in the cosmic kingdom of eternal happiness.

Paths of tomorrow

We kick our way along dirt roads
concrete jungles
mazes of buildings radiating the summer sun,
gazing at grasses that change
with the coming of the shorter days
colors slowly fading
into their winter coats for slumber.
We take each step
eyes on the farthest horizon
yet never forgetting to stop now and then
hesitate on the side of the path
to see the tender flowers that bloom
whether we notice them or not.
We chose these paths that take us
near and far
and places in between
waiting to explore
this and always so much more,
with a peace in our heart we heal
we hope for the skies to clear
the stars to align
but are content in just letting it all be
for it will do what it always does
whether we notice or not.
Calm is in the soul
where it could be rocky and slippery
I walk today as I did yesterday
with a heart filled with love
and an eye for a beautiful today and tomorrow,
a few last steps before I’m done
then to sit and relax in the setting sun
just being

Shortly off to my last day at work. Had a blip in my plans for the coming week but after doing some breathing soul work and healing, let it go and felt the calm ensue throughout my soul…slept good and deep and woke feeling refreshed and ready to chart a new course with each step I take. Always in a mode of a loving heart, I let go the dark and embrace the light of each day I am given. Truly blessed and am always amazed at the way I change when I allow it all to flow….to let it go and just be. I cannot change others, I can only allow change to happen within. Feeling loved, blessed and tonight at 5, free at last 🙂
Gonna miss my visit with a beautiful friend this week but someday, it will be ❤

Casting shadows

We box with the darkness
fighting the shadows of thought
moving like banks of cloud
drifting through soundlessly,
covering the soul in its silky threads.
We create the images within,
salvation a necessity,
taking ourselves to places far
and escaping the words that jab and thrust
meant to create ugliness
we search instead for light.
Through painted smiles we see
the truth will always rise like cream
swimming on surfaces suspended
held by the hope of a thousand beings
as we stir the pot
trying to bring up yet more
changing the grey thick brine
to a tolerable shade,
swimming in the shallows
we touch feet to ground
yet often wonder how long it will last,
as it trembles like set custard
we take a step forward
trusting in the higher being
to save us from the nightmare,
to deliver us to
the dream.