Slipping through

Blank white walls
crying for a swatch
any colour will do
in a formless space
where the ancient haunt.
She slips between the cracks
placed in a crevice
she finds comfort
in the hollow chamber
where the only echo heard
is a thought that slipped free.

Thoughts while on lunch…image by me…


Bubbled up

Wishes and dreams rise,
packed in an atmosphere of joy
bubbled up and flying high
seeking the new today.
Standing out in the wilderness
as feet move on solid ground,
we carry the goodness of life
in satchels of dreams remembered,
overflowing in the light that streams
we smile at the release
letting go the past
and gathering the strength of perseverence,
we run to the promise
found in the simplicity
of believing.

Happiest New Year to all and I truly believe that change is coming, that strength will carry us higher and that we will gather our tribe and celebrate the truth of love and life. Peace and blessings, K

Layer cake

Pastel drips
iced sky soothes a soul
in morning a steady peace flows
like layer cake dreams
sweet and smooth.
Calling in thoughts
a slipping note to like minds
a whisper to a song
sung in the calm of a new day,
beauty never slips away
to eyes that see beneath
the frosted level of illusion
and wake to spread the gift of love
in slices of goodness.

Looking forward to a new year and new horizons of being💜✨🌟⭐️