Waiting on a friend

Days beneath a sultry sun,

Sand and cypress scented air

Deep blue water and ice cold drinks,

Waiting on a friend.

To sit beneath the grassy fronds,

Wind whispering of life beyond

The waves and moon that will join us there

Waiting on a friend.

We will speak of things we remember with joy,

Of light and laughter without a care

As we feel the tension release its bonds

As we wait upon a friend.

Sunglasses on and tanning oil,

Mojitos or daiquiris to soothe the soul,

And as we pass the time I raise a toast

Waiting on a friend.

I see the faces with happy smiles

Those that come across a thousand miles

As day turns to night it will be like then

Sitting, and hanging with friends.

Saw this image of a cool tiki bar…..no, it’s not mine….just looking forward to a weekend that comes with a visit from friends back home and looking forward to all of the joyous days ahead.

Champagne sand (and borrowing Hafiz)

We walked along the shore on the birth of light of a new morning,

I could hear the waves rush in and fill the sand

Overflowing then back out again

And I hunched over like an old hunched backed lady

Searching for that ellusive trinket,

The black sharks tooth notorious down here

And I stopped

Not for anything in particular,

Just because someone whispered in my ear to stop and listen,

“Can you hear that” the voice said.

And I think it was Hafiz,

(Thank you Michael for that) because I see him at times,

Not in red of course, more of a multi colored illuminated coat of sparkles-

Almost as the elf on the shelf in a way

But more prized,

All full of mischief and good things though.

And as the water filled the sand around my feet

There was the sound,

And if I had to compare it to anything,

It was like a thousand bubbles in champagne

Jumping forth from the glass for a celebration,

But here I was at the beach and the New Years celebration,

Yes, it was that very night,

So many hours away and I knew myself enough to know 

I wouldn’t be up that far to greet that particular moment,
And I think he knew that and wanted me to celebrate in my own special way.

So I listened to the sounds and the ocean as it resided back into itself,

I found for but a moment in time forgot all about those ellusive little teeth,

And it was like the creation around me was reaching up,

I was looking, searching for that one special specimen,

But when looking about me came to realize,

It wasn’t about the treasure,

For I was living the treasure….with the water pulling and tickling my feet

And the laughter that sprang forth from within me I looked up

And there I saw a cloud drift by laughing too,

And I think you tipped your cap on your way back home

And I was so very content.

It is possible to find this contentment.

When I stopped searching,

The treasures found me stumbling about in bubbling surf

And a toast of all good things found me waiting on a friend

Who always delivers when least expected.

I found a tooth, or five, doesn’t matter,

I found a more special gift that is priceless

in the letting go

And The being 

and the simple joy of laughter

That I knew so long ago as a child

Sipping just a touch of champagne swirling about my toes below a yellow sun,

On just a day, yet still on a special day,

Just like every day that find me,

In the company of friends.

I had to dedicate this to my friend Michael over at Embracing Forever as his little friend Hafiz seemed to have found me far from my home on a beach searching, yet finding the unexpected and quite embracing the gifts of the day. The sounds of the water leaving the sand sounding like bubbles up a champagne glass. Happy sounds truly. I had to smile and still am as I pen this. 

How far the heart

Signs that lead
to here and there
skies slow to rise
lazy sun under cover
dew lays light on painted white
as I hear your voice
how far the heart.
A new day dawns
with waited breath
I sit alone with words
a happy song in my mind
I awoke to the silence
so far away
missing you.
How far the heart
that sign not there
an addition I think
would say “everywhere”
but I walk in the quiet
as you drive on
the distance so far
but I still feel you here
within my soul
good morning love
wish you were here.