Lost and found

Roaming waters ultra deep

restless fins hunt for sexy swimmers

Jaws was here but I hope he’s gone

but his teeth live in my lost and found.

I walk the beach and they find me there

washing ashore or in the sand between toes

some large, some small I grab them all

and they keep showing up like magic.

They say they’re fossils a million years old

but all I know as long as they’re not attached

to a face with thousand all shiny and white

my legs in the water will be alright.

A fun foray I always find

with my Ziplock bag and a wet behind

from leaning to grab it before its gone

blindsided by the wave that came in fast

sunglasses wet and face of salt

but a smile from ear to ear

as I open my hand and find the big one

laying there.

100_1716.jpgMy latest haul for two hours at the beach walking in knee-deep water and also just on the beach. A good day indeed, and when the jar is filled, Lovie will buy a new one to start again. We are in the “sharks tooth capital” here, and it is certainly living up to its name.