Unbroken movement

Thoughts winding round
Smooth like circles
End into end
Never stopping.
The rhythm of words
Moving higher
Into the stratosphere
Ceiling of clouds
Interrupted by the haze of a sun
The circle of warmth
To dream of winding spaces
Created by places
Deep within
The staircase
Of a memory
Circling round
And back down,
Leading me on.

Pieces of the past

No reflection stirs the mood
No eyes looking back
To critique
To peer with disdain
Ancient wood
Holding memories
And life
And light
But no perfect mirror to see
What I know is there.
No need for vision
With inner shadow
Exuding hope
For tomorrow pieces
To fall in place
This corner
Stirs emotion,
Dressers now filled
With paper and words of life.
Left behind the moths
Ages ago,
Tiny white wings,
That gnawed the finest things
Without a care,
leaving destruction
Holes in memories
Refilled now
With blessings and hope.
For a looking-glass
Whole once more,
With careful hand
Piece by peace
And love
Sanded lightly
With blessings