Hidden signs

Waiting in his garden abode

watching the comings and goings

blessed in his peace

his eyes gaze forward

as the flowing jasmine crowns the mind.

Years pass by and he finds and gives

a calm to those who happen upon

the soul of the post and green flowing wall,

solitary is his game

being is his name.

Nestled in the jasmine

the scent lay heavy on the air

without a care we walk quietly by

more entranced with star like blooms

he says nothing as we move on

resting in his spot

a regular in this place.



I see you there beyond the glass
Window pane so very cold
Ice never melts these days
But you sweet sky
Always so constant
Watching me silently
Moving slowly before my eyes
As the hours pass
I am gazing
Lost in the skies
Amongst the stars.
Venus and Mars
So very far away
Long lost friends
Hanging out above
Chilling below I stand
Seeing my breath
Heavy fog that slowly dissipates,
Below zero
You know how we feel
In the glistening heavens
You sparkle like ice
A tiny pellet
Like diamonds you shine.

Casual observer

Tiny orbs

strings invisible

she watches in wonder

the little worlds that spin

and she a casual observer

of this phenomenon.

Her dreams held

locked within each spinning circle

undulating noiselessly

the colors subtle


like tiny gifts

to open each one

miniature Pandora orbs

filled with logic and reason

and each hope she has cast aside

for later welcoming.

She watches each one

with care as if a newborn dream

might escape before fruition,

She will set them free

when the time is right,

for now she just waits

and observes.