Soft shift

With the coming of light

the subtle shift was felt

as moisture hung like heavy blankets

and tiny drops slid down into the ground,

somewhere in the mind a settling was felt

and the calm of day

swept the darkness away.

Invisible lines across the universe

like wires unseen but felt

as the current moves through

the lioness awakes to hunt

leaving just the smudged prints

in her path behind her

as the drops move down in to the puddle

and earth is quietly quenched

if only for a moment

with her passing.

When the rain fell

the life could be felt,

the scent rich and deep in pine and decay

of brown withered leaves

becoming one once more

with the soil from which gave birth,

and the silver river runs silently down

on tired glass which we linger behind

watching with satisfaction

of the coming of this life

and a prayer for the gift

across oceans to find

hands open ready to receive

and to sip with thanks

the soft shift of wetness

that came and left

as gently as it arrived.


The resilience of wisdom rising,
carries us through the moments
as we sink deeper into the blue
we are suddenly caught up in the swell
buoying up and over
the crest of understanding
and the dawning awareness
of that which we already knew
deeper within
hidden in the depths
swallowed by the whale
of fear.
We rise in the light
magnified by the glaring sun
salvation saves while swimming in the belief
swirling round like the whirlpool
we lay on the surface above
watching the glistening drops turn
to the rainbows of hope
we lose ourself in the calm of peace
floating on the cascading thoughts
we move to the rhythm
of ever changing tides.


We slide along gently,
playfully dancing on the lightness of life
while bouyed by bubbles of thought,
slipping and sliding off of one and each other,
merrily we move
water and oil mixing
together yet always drifting
lifting off the bottom of consciousness
we rise.
Colors weaving in and out of ether
happy gasses glistening in our perfectness of self
and propelling us through the infinite
we emerge,
effervescent and humbled at our gravity.
Lightly descending once more
we fall back into the pot of universal brew,
untapped –
we wait patiently for the moment
when freed from our confines
by the rub to shine
and fervent wishes,
we explode across this life
happy in each moment,
blessed indeed
by the beauty of all we cover
with laughter and light
we drift on like magnificent blue balloons
from cloud to cloud
on the air of humanity.

With the flow


We ripple our thoughts on purpose,

watching them move up and down

coming together for but a moment

then watch as they slip away once more.

We wonder where they move to,

what lies in their depths we can no longer see,

feeling them brush by, leaving just a hint

of their former selves

then dissipating into nothing.

I dream in colors some days

as the rain falls beyond the glass

slippery pearls dripping down one by one

and I lie and watch the slow motion of the fan

circulating on its journey

moving the invisible air around

cooling my body with its quiet touch.

So many things to do,

a million words slipping here and there,

sometimes falling onto stone

permanent marker time cannot erase,

for I leave them behind

like stepping-stones for those to come

to wonder whose hand it was

that etched the primitive images

and what did they mean

back in the day

before their time began.

Dancing with the moon

I stood before them

hundreds moving softly in clear water

endlessly dancing on emptiness

the moon jellies calling me to become

part of the dance

and I swayed back and forth

lost for a few moments in their movement,

swept into a place of such peace

no words could ever say

as we moved back and forth

bouncing off of one and another

this sacred moment of splendor

taking me away into a sphere of all.

Something in their softness

clear with a marking illuminating the glass

and I reached out to touch

to become one in that instant

as I felt them swaying towards my hand

I lightly touched down as if to say

I feel you through for we are simple

yet so very complex

and the dance moved away leaving me wondering

how I had come to be among them

connected in a room of strangers

yet apart in our union of dance.


Blue worlds

We move between places in blue worlds,

ripples on water move through my inner soul

carrying the  feelings of peace through beauty.

Skies meet where the world connects

and we drift on faded memories

music fills the space where silence lays.

We are not separate from these images

for we become a part of all we see

slipping away to glistening shores

we find ourselves always searching for more.

The answers sit on shelves in pages

and we flip each one so eager

like children aware of adventures to come,

and we fall into the dreams of light

frolicking in the waves of mood

diving under for treasure

we hold it close with love.

The thin white line between here and there

ruptured by the rays of the sun

coursing through it finds us waiting

a bounty of blessings come true.


“And it’s only what you do
That keeps coming back on you
And it’s only what you say
That can give yourself away

Underground sight and sound
Human symphony
Heard the voice, had no choice
Needed to be free”

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Empty Spaces

Will I find myself here

the place where empty spaces meet the sky

and the eternal colors blend

as life passes softly by.

Will I remember many years from now

when the tides rise and fall

leaving my memory filled with gaps

where I know nothing at all.

Will I return to these shores once more

when the winter winds blow

bitter cold bites the face where wrinkles lay

and all I love lay down below.

Will there be the day of peace

a day like this day when we stood and gazed

to see the edge of sky and water meet

breathless and simply amazed.

Washed clean

We bathe ourselves in the sweetest dreams

captured in a mind aware

as lucid thoughts run free like rivers

washing the shores with their touch.

We dive into the knowledge we seek

like young masters, scholars of the wise ones

we swim in the pool of understanding

washed clean as we come to know

what love truly is.

We linger here watching the ripples

as memories move past and we see with new eyes

and let go in forgiving

we rise from the tide feeling fresh and alive

knowing the dirt has left to sink low

where it came from once

it returns now to itself

separate from this soul

as the drops fall I dry in the comfort

of a universal breeze that cools

and soothes

with its sacred self.

Moving senses

I came here to this place of peace, as the water was still, calm as glass with no hint of a wind. The clouds moved in and out of the view of the September sun and I stood alone as tiny ripples moved around my legs, my reflection in the blue green water comical with the big straw hat and white t-shirt to save the shoulders from the rays glare. Sunscreen slathered on my legs…yet somehow in my eagerness I forgot my arms….

I laughed aloud as I walked slowly in the water, looking up to see if anyone had heard but no one was close enough and so I just stood there glancing into the water around me for more treasures. A group of thin silver fish flitted around my legs, as if they were not used to something being there, perhaps as if two small trees grew in their path unexpectedly and so they moved around as their eyes peered up into the giant above them, wary yet moving forward none the less. I looked up as I heard a strange noise and saw a tall bird standing there on the sand watching me. A great blue heron. I think perhaps he thought I was a fisherman, with my plastic colander and plastic bag in my hand, and he thought that I’d throw him a snack, but alas I came only equipped with a few shells and a hundred teeth in a bag. He moved on after awhile and was soon replaced with a smaller replica, and then another and later, another. All different but all curious as to what I was doing there, ankle deep in water as I bent and plucked, reaching for the pointy teeth that I came for.

I gave them no notice after that, content with the notion that they wouldn’t ambush me from behind and continued on my back and forth duck in a shooting gallery ways, looking here and there and coming away from the two and a half hours with the largest haul yet. A woman was there doing the same as I, but she wasn’t interested in the teeth, just fossils. She told me about horses teeth, alligator pieces, etc….and my mind kept wondering why there would be horses teeth in the ocean, let alone alligator. I didn’t ask, just merely chatted for a moment and then kept moving on. I let my thoughts wander while I was here, as I always do and was constantly surprised by the twists and turns they took. I couldn’t write here as it’s a bit hot for the tablet, and now knee deep in water technology and H2O don’t play well together, let alone the 90 degree heat, and I suppose that was okay too. This moment was meant for being at one with the motion of the ocean, for letting my thoughts move where they wished to, and for just breathing in this amazing moment. The clarity of the water, the blue of the sky, and the finds that had surfaced after days before, Hermine had turned the water to the color of mud. Things resumed to where they always had been, and without the waves you could see the bottom the ocean and the shells and fish below so distinctively.

This place gives me peace, and seems to give it’s gift when most needed. I wish I could share it with you, perhaps in reading this you can get the sense that you are here too. Close your eyes, slip into the warmth of the water and enjoy….and don’t forget your sunscreen. I’ve a great farmers tan to show for my time….now I just have to get those shoulders some color. I am striped…..and laughing about that too.

Peace and blessings.