Between the light

We stand at the edge
caught between the waning light and the darkness that edges in,
breathless and calm we watch
eager to know the peace of the stars above.
The sounds of water call,
like the whisper of waves when wind falls away
and the struggle of the pools to remain,
life lay within searching
for the path to the deepest parts,
the sign of the tide turning,
we wait for the moon to pull at the fabric,
the return of movement expected like a gift.
The days move by too quickly
and we settle into the air as it hangs,
humid and pregnant with rain
and violence of clouds billowing
we are mere mortals standing watch
knowing this too shall pass
and with the rise of the morning sun
the ground will grow green
with the cool drink given,
satiated with a life force
and springing forth to be seen once more.