We watch the turning,
life in its endless motion
like a lazy river that slips past
a sensuous curving,
the only image of being alive-
a snake in the grass,
beautiful but perhaps deadly
and we step carefully,
treading the landscape on tip toe
for creatures lurk in beautiful places
and time waits for no one
as we drift through turnstiles
on our way to tomorrow.
Skies lay sweet and soft ahead,
yet rear-view shows the darkness
left behind as we race forward,
they say there is no looking back
yet it always seeks to find
the unsuspecting mind
as it whiles away the minutes,
the time,
and the sip of water splashes
on the skin and falls down
where gravity steals it away
to puddle on the fresh clean floor,
but she’s not there anymore
in those spaces where she played
for she has gone searching
for that poet on the mountain
and the storm stares knowing
that she will come,
returning to that place she’d heard of,
where the stars stood at attention
like a million fireflies
on hot summer days,
calling her name they feel her spirit,
and I remember the smile
as she said goodbye for now
never knowing if this is the time
that day she left
so many years ago,
but it feels like yesterday
and I can’t stop thinking back
’cause it always finds its mark,
straight arrow in a crooked world
lit by the song of a stuck CD,
waiting still
for me.

Stream of conscious prose, and apologies for my absence. My mind is everywhere and nowhere these days so I slip into the lazy mode and escape in childish ways, but dreams always lead me back to words that need to fall out of that expansive space of lint, so if it makes no sense, I understand…

…I’m still pondering it myself 🙂

Into the wild

We ride the current of this moment,
fierce and free
into the wild unknown
seeing the horizon that waits for us,
skimming the surface
yet knowing there lies so much more
in the depths of a daydream,
we drift on
with an open heart.
Midnight skies dappled
with the grace of a million stars,
twinkling on the deepest cloth
of a heaven that sits waiting
for a tomorrow yet to come.
Hitch hike across the blue-
wide open spaces that know no name,
for we have come in the twillight
with open arms to embrace
the beauty of this timeless place.

Face of thought

A stream of consciousness piece….

Steady as she goes
as feet sit perched above the silent water,
back and forth toes wave as eyes gaze
wondering what lies below.
Monsters of our history seen
in ripples moving in and out,
we touch a toe to mar the scene
as the face of thought disappears
into the blackest darkness of depth.
Do you remember
when we wore our height like superheroes,
striding elegantly with not so long legs
carrying us into the crowds that occupy space
we longed to call our own,
leaning against the wall with a cigarette,
too cool to be a fool
but behind buildings we strode to the waiting woods,
where the firelight held that beckoning glow
to follow where the night would lead.
We move our legs back and forth,
talking about the things we will do
when we grow old and wear cool clothes
and our faces will sport the colors
of the older girls we admired,
now wrinkles grace the space
where smooth youth waited impatiently
and we walk in waves and remember
just what it was like
when we were 13 and the world was such a small place,
now untethered we flow into the days
waiting to find that moment once more
when monsters could be banished
and sirens never broke the silence,
where the wildflowers grew beside that pond
and there was us,
you and I sitting quietly wondering
dreaming the day away,
as the hearse pulled away.

Just let the mind flow to where it felt like… off to watch the rain fall into the too full pool and enjoy the rest of the day 🙂 peace and blessings, K