Glitter like gold

We live our lives

like tides moving in and out

never stationary for any given moment,

glittering like gold on the ocean waves.

We come to places that bring peace,

passers by in this second of time,

watching the faces of strangers

dappled in light from the sinking sun,

we shine when we feel

the salt spray glisten upon our souls,

hushed words at sacred places where

nothing remains but candles and the sense

of a moment when everything changed,

saying our prayers to the clouds above

for something beyond our fingers touch.

Mermaids slip silently by,

their bodies languid on the gentle waves

a flicker of a circle and then into the depths,

on their way to their next audience.

We smile as we move on our way

memories captured to carry

away with our hearts

as we gaze behind in the mirrors,

content to be breathing,

to be at peace.

An accident occurred where this image was taken, a father and daughter plunged their vehicle into the water, and although a few attempted the rescue, were unable to save their lives. There are two candles and a bouquet of flowers to mark the spot, where we had walked so many times before. A solemn place this night where the sunset glittered on the waves like gold. Rest in peace Carol and Gene.


Into the calm

I stood there, so quiet and calm as each wave washed over my legs. The soft and warm silky water pushed me back and forth, it’s rhythm of life edging me into a calm and peaceful place. The water a pale green blue twinkling in the sun that finally deemed to show her beauteous face, although I was on a quest for clouds to keep the heat at bay, the sun shone mild and welcoming.

 I was here today alone, collecting my thoughts as much as searching for more sharks teeth, the smooth black or brown objects that often escape my reach, and I was still afraid to venture in past my ankles lest the real thing finds me dallying and decides to take a bite. I stood in the rushing waters as they moved about me, like a cosmic dance unfolding, swirling in and out without anyone to give a numeric score to our tango, and I saw a dolphin a few yards out crest on a wave, and I wondered if it were perhaps just my imagination or was it in fact a fin playfully moving on its way to somewhere far from here, for it did not resurface for a second glance, like life, it just kept moving forward.

I stood amongst a thousand shells, a perfect place I imagined for finding my teeth and I just let the moment carry me, teaching me patience if nothing else. I sat my belongings down beneath a tree that had succumbed to the ravages of erosion long before today, watching for something new to see and entranced by a taped off area marked that it is indeed a sea turtles nest. Not close enough, respecting the distance, I planted my items and ventured back out to the salty waves, and then I waited. I stood there admiring the skies, the color of each foamy see through gossamer wave that splashed upon me and I looked down the expanse of the beach to see no one. Deserted on one end of any life and I settled in to find what I was searching for, plastic bag in hand. One after another they found me there. I didn’t move too far, I didn’t go on an endless disapointing quest, I instead became patient, following the ebb and flow of the tides and waited. Time passed me by and I thought of nothing, and I found everything.

I found emptiness here on this stretch of beach. A soul encouraging emptiness, void of conversation, time schedules, things that needed to be done, everything became absent. I found tooth after tooth as they washed up and I watched, simply waiting. Come to me if you will I remember laughing into the wind, with no one there to hear my voice but the universe and God himself. They came, each one more beautiful and perfect and oh what joy I found. I had stilled everything, each inner voice, each demand upon me, I had turned it all off and tuned into the ultimate frequency, that of the sun and the waves and the tide as it slipped slowly out. 

Two hours of bliss I spent, just feeling the life force of the water push and pull me. My birth sign is Cancer-the crab, and I can see now where I feel most alive, standing in the life force of an ocean blue amongst a million shells….at peace, yes, at peace in my birthplace, floating amongst the majestic blue. Today I found paradise and that makes me smile…all the difference in the world, what one moment can enlighten you to. 

Rippled movement….blank thought painting

I stood on the shores of a rippled thought

Watching colors change form

Beyond their norm

A synchronicity of hues

To cleanse the board

Of words.

Wiped away, the water colored streaks ran down

Gravity the agent

Of where the things move

Settling deep in the cracks

Into the creases of a full mind

And with a finger dusting a space

A clean me sign perhaps

And I watched it, waiting

For something, anything to come up

Like a suffocating fish that rises

It knows where to find the key

To live,

To breathe in the life force of a sentence

A quote

And lyric or melody

But the blank board sits mocking

And I see it then,

There doesn’t Have to be Anything,

It is perfect in the absence or presence

It is waiting there for the touch of chalk,

Of paint,

Of a simple thought to create

And there was in each pot a color swatch

And adding a bit of water life

The hues ran up, then downward in waves,

Streaking across like a pale sunset lost

Amidst the glory of bubbling clouds

Content within

That it became.

Endless blues

To feel the witness marks of endless blue

Silk falls calm on waves as the sky touches

That which only it sees

Cast on endless seas that reach out

Touching softly the tender spaces

Where life clings in solitude

Reeling in memories like silver trinket fish

Flopping about at the bottom

Of life’s boat that drifts

Aimlessly into the mist.

Froth as sweet as a shake mixed

By the hands of the universe,

Stirred and blended into intoxicating thickness

Treasures unearthed beneath 

As the tide pulls out into the deeper darker blue

Of days that move along on the surface

Yet below there waits a world of visions,

Of colored stars and rainbow fins

 where the air leaves us helpless

To stay for very long,

And we bob along like sea birds

Riding waves like errant surfer boys

Skipping school and finding calm

And peace in hanging on

riding the swell into home.

Cast away found

Solitary traveler
Stars to guide the compass pin
Direction swept into the wind,
The search for Neptune’s muse
Following rays to the depths
Of bottomless blue seas.
Gypsy van passes by
A thousand colors move
Liquid Mercury bodies undulating
Schools giving shadow
Blocking the sun.
He builds his castles
The shifting sands of time
Recreating images into concrete
Solidly stand against the hurricane.
Prints washed clean
No echo remains to mark passing
Of another day swept into the dustpan sail,
Shaken out with the memories
Leaving only clean smooth white sheets
And empty pages calling for voice,
To give life and breath
To the sages of eternity.
Dreams of finding carried along
Rocking and rolling gently,
White capped waves pulling with the whims
As the moon too, changes
A cast away sinking
To rise once more,
Coming home to the journey
That time borne a million eons ago,
Yet still just a blip
On the sonar of life.

And I awoke

Into the sound of peace
Like waves that slap playfully on rocks
Thoughts of beauty and life
And the muse of mermaids singing
We are waiting.
Under a summer sun
Blue seas glisten
Cool wetness diving down
As colors shift before
Eyes that see endlessly
Into the undulating grasses
At the miracles
That swim below.
Floating along a part
Of the whole that is
Turquoise shades calming the mind
Silence moving the soul
To the peace of an ocean morning
In the company of the wind
In the embrace of the waves
I awoke to the rocking
The vibration of the world
Into the day
Of this life.

Endless sea of dreams

I shall go
Following the moon
Reflected off of the endless blue
Water so silky smooth
And sandcastle dreams
Built on solid ground.
I shall go
To see the dolphins glide effortlessly
Through the white-capped waves
Frolicking like children
Smiling back at me.
I shall go
The the place where mermaids sing
And live below a sun
That glistens like diamonds
My place of hope
A place of peace
An endless sea of dreams
Coming to find me
To carry me away.
I shall stand below the moon
Where water meets the shore
And holding my arms out so very wide
Welcome the coming
Of all that is good
Of all that will be.

I am motion

Silver lined waves reflected with night
Tossing treasures in my wake
Over and under the froth dissipating
Partake in the image of the mind.

Lover of beauty before you
Open the soul to accept
Old and new captured in pages and oil
Kindness of the heart presented.

Lowering volume on life’s carnival
I search for the magic of crystalline form
Speaking in whispers to the voices within
Taking time to hear all that is not said
Enough of the energy escaping its ties
Never bound by the gag of tradition.

I flow like the ocean through life’s shortened days
Motion so fluid
Yet halting
Like the wax that slips past the candles cup,
Drifting in beauty to create design
Trickle down effect
Of the moving yet peaceful mind.

Motion of living

Moving forward
This world a wave pushing me
In and out
Riptide tugging here then there
I float to escape into the horizon
To chart the course
Originally followed.
The sun shines like razors
Flashing into eyes
Blinding illumination
Reflected off of life
And into the soul
With clarity.
I reach out for land
Hands and knees pulling myself towards higher ground
Need to see the whole of it all
Not just one grain of sand
Under my nail.
The perfect shell tumbles along
Caught in the froth of a wave,
Gifts from the sea rolling
Come, see about me it calls
As legs move it along just out of reach.
I follow along the tiny prints digging into earth
Leaving zigzag marks as it skitters along,
It leads me to the grass
And I climb the dune to battered fences
And there before me a hundred perfect shells,
Shades of white and pink and lilac
Dainty specimens unique.
I reach down and pick one of the largest pieces,
Holding it up I hear the sounds
Of waves and the universe echoing to my soul,
This is life,
Journeys leading you
Moving you
Relax and follow
Or float and be carried out,
Or just to simply stop and listen
To the heartbeat within.
I hold my head up high
With eyes closed to the blinding sun,
I listen and breathe,
The beat of the waves on this earth,
The beat of the rhythm of my heart,
The music and motion
Of my life.

There will be

At the edge of forever
Where summers sun never melts away,
At the edge of horizons
New fresh days,
With oceans breeze
And swaying trees
And gentle fires to warm toes
As night drifts in
Or storms send rain,
There will be wine
In this magical place
Where summers do not end
Where love is all that matters
And where the sky meets the sea
It is there you will find me
Quietly moving to the tempo
Of waves and my heart beat
Endless as summer skies.
Here at midnight the stars will smile
And wink as if to say
We’ve been waiting
For you to forever stay
In the waves of bliss.