Swaying mantle of silence

We move in and out,

mere breath like wind through open windows

sill waiting to catch a bit of the morning light

while birds of a thousand feathers scatter

as the cat treads stealthily through the grass.

There is always that sense nearby,

the underlying lurking of things unsaid

and moods cast aside with unintentional force,

we become specters of self as feet move

tired in the damp and musty air.

Where has the cool wind gone that I recall,

night of dreams of eagerness through fear

as the words are lost in the shuffle of paper

and we suddenly see we are drowning in our quest,

taking charge before a hundred waiting faces

we close our eyes and slip away to the shadows

wondering where the ideas had come from and gone.

The lighthouse waits to show the way,

penned by a soul I know not well

and I will know her words for I am drawn

into the waves of passing days

and a continent away foreign and unknown,

I will come to know across this space and time

through yellowed pages of a dime-store book

left behind gently used

eager I will learn

what it is, this ghost of form

that called me to hear the wind of yesterday.

Strange dreams came calling last night and today by chance happened into a thrift store and bought a dirt cheap copy of Virginia Woolf’s “To the lighthouse” to read at my leisure. I have not every read any Woolf so looking forward to what I may find within the pages.


Begin and end

So I began where it ended

swirling in wind moving

circular flow

coming round to meet the start

no longer falling apart

but tied like a string whipping in rhythm

circumnavigation of the world

peering into the deepest hole without end

from where I stood above looking down

endless tunnel through

as I reached out to save you

for I knew not where it ended

left with only fear of unknown

needed to try

my strength denied I stood watching

and felt the pull of something greater beyond

and suddenly knew

it was okay to move through

and the other side of the world waited

with new sights to see

in this endless dream

I found myself back at the beginning

in the end.

Waking in the darkness I lay

stillness washing over me

and breath comes steady and strong

as messages of light came to greet me

wondering what it all meant

as I stretched out and began

a new day filled with hope

and inspiration to move through

into the fear and past

to what waits beyond.

Thoughts on a dream I had where a huge hole lay in the ground and the bottom was endless and I kept trying to save everything from falling in but heard a voice telling me to trust and follow, like the proverbial hole to China, I arrived on the other side to this beautiful place where my dog Zip stood smiling. What a happy dream, letting go of the fear and trusting to go forward. A pleasant way to begin the day. Beautiful image found on the internet searching for a photo for rhythm. The dream place near the hole was windy yet held a good rhythm. Have a beautiful Tuesday my friends. Peace. Kim

On the wind

Seasons move through
Days shortened by lengthening shadows
As the wind blows through
Casting a coolness
On the moment.
Seeds strewn about
Edging their way into crevices
Taking hold for future days
Waiting for the moment
To rise once more.
Circles move through this life,
Sun and moon exchanging places
And the stars wait
For their moment to shine bright
Before falling into dust,
As sleep claims the host
Sweeping the cobwebs from the mind
And electric dreams filter behind
Eyes closed to the images
Of dark rooms and shadows.
Windows cracked allowing
The subtle scent of the world
To fill the air,
And a seed lodged in the screen
Unable to release
The flick of a finger to set free
The pod on its descent
To fulfill its destiny
In the ground below.

Night moods

Through open windows
Night comes with midnight cool caresses
Sliding over my skin
the sultry breeze cools,
As I sleep on warm cotton
I feel the night moving
Over me.
Like the sweetest kiss
Deep in silence I sleep
Drifting through dreams sublime
As the moon slides sideways
Watching me like a loving parent
Through half-drawn shades
Swaying in the night,
I am comforted
As arms of a soft beam of light
Wash over me from head to toe.
I awaken in the predawn hours
Stretching out cat-like
I reach so high in the cool air
To greet the stars,
Sweet visions finding me
As I stand and ponder
The bliss of a sleep
So deep.

She sells

She walks the dunes
the midnight hour
calls to her like the witches
of the deep,
she sells her soul
on sandy shores
searching for her pirate king.
The howling winds
batter silken dress
hair once calm now flies
like seaweed washed on
empty beaches.
Shells and sea glass
mark her passage
like footprints
moving in and out
back to the depths
back to her love
back to her life.

Sandcastle dream

Come lay beside me
As the waves move in and out,
Upon the sandy shore
You and I
We can sit a spell or chase the winds
As destiny unfolds
Leaving its gifts
Like seashells at our feet.
We will feel the warm water move us along
It’s waves rushing in to swirl
Refreshing our sun-baked skin
As we walk along the edge
Of our dreams.
Come with me
As we follow the gulls
The little sand birds that skitter
Quickly away,
We can talk or just enjoy the movement
Of the breeze in silence,
You and I
Chasing the winds
And building our sand castles,
Another beach
Another day,
Another sweet moment come to pass
Sunrise and sunset
You and I
As life moves by.

Distant thunder to falling rain

Somewhere out there
Thunder rolls across the valley,
Shadows mark the passing of broken spirits
And lightning flashes
Where no one sees.
Cold wind blows
Dragging memories of
Sad goodbyes and a yesterday hello
Now faded into the cloud
That covers the tree.
Mighty oak
How you’ve stood the tests
Of time and weather
Each storm standing tall.
You’ve bent
Branches breaking
But held firm
Through thick and thin.
Who hears this rain
Falling out of view,
Who whispers encouragement to you.
What muse has destroyed
The strength of a man
Leaving broken limbs
Forest floors.
We gather you
A fire we shall prepare,
Higher it shall blaze,
To be seen by those who gather
At the warmth,
Yet still I hear the rain fall
Like unseen tears,
Out there somewhere
Hearts break
And join the choir.
And the rain keeps falling
With no reply
At all.

Rusted bells

Ah dark day of springs
Entrance to the life
Of a girl tired of
The long harsh winter.
Bells hang
Dark and shadowed,
Backdrop naked stick trees
Waiting for warmth
The push of life
Of green to the surface.
Rust rough on bells
Hanging silent
In this snow swirled wind
Still beautiful
In the dark shadow.
Sound changes with
The passing of time
Hearts filled
Needing to be

The Keeper (having flown)

Winter spring wind
Flown off his post,
the keeper slammed
To the ground,
Saved from loss
He stands safe
Casting shadows
In late day sun
He greets those who enter
With a downward glance,
Light and dark
Carved through time
He is the man of many visions
Of those who came,
Like the shadow
Moving by the moment.

Spirit dance

The memory of blissful surrender
On a hot and steamy summer day
Walking along the river down in Savannah I held your hand
I remember that day as if it were yesterday.
We drove to the cemetery in search
Of midnight in the garden of good and evil
And it was so quiet but she was gone,
Removed so long ago.
The wind whispers from the distance
I feel at home in these places of loss.
Water and stone and wind.
I was born in the sign of cancer
And I feel my skin rise when I walk
Amongst those I call friends.
I hum to you, lonely stone statues
Can you hear me calling,
Hello again my precious
I have come back to see you.
The earth is packed hard, dried in the summer sun
From the thousands of feet who have
Walked along these paths,
Weaving in and out
Amongst bits and pieces and
Long forgotten names.
I wonder who you were
Sweet child gone too soon,
And who is left to cry for you
To wonder if
This is all there will ever be
When you turn to wind
Who will feel your spirit,
Who will call your name.