Food haiku (pizza)

Large slice of comfort
elegantly dressed for me
a toast to pizza.

Hot melted cheese runs
chasing hunger to despair
deliver it please.

Round orb of delight
pepperoni and cheese please
get it here pronto.

I am always blessed
this pie that I love the best
happy meal of joy.

Taste buds will quiver
anticipation finds me
tomorrow too, please?

Split images

I hum long-lost songs of youth

fine lines fresh in my mind

and an image appears of a moment lived

years before now.

The grapevines heavy with their load

as the sun sinks down like a disciplined dog

cowering behind the clouds

serene and a bit sad

at the passing.

Night comes to find the twinkling lights

the deck alive with laughter and toasts

glasses of wine damp with sweat

hot summer nights on a finger lake.

Playing with buttons to capture

each image as it passes us by,

double sun and fields beyond

and a quiet lake still with the coming of night

and I remember the scent in the air

the beauty of the moment

and I sing the songs to no one in particular

lost in the history of our past.

Split images and the beauty inspired

I remember it as if yesterday,

lost in the mist that fell with the setting sun

cool escarpment night.

Image taken at Wagner Winery in the finger lakes on a Friday night a few years ago where a live band played and at least 300 people celebrated, drank their lovely wine and danced till it was time to leave…a beautiful view.

Lyrics from the song in my Mind: Split Decision-Steve Winwood

Sometimes I think I know too much
‘Bout what goes on in the real world and such
Half of me is certain, the other isn’t sure
One half has the symptom, the other has the cure
By the time there’s nothing left to choose
One half has the answer, the other looks for clues

It’s a fine line, a very fine line
Split decision
It’s a fine line, a very fine line

Sometimes I think we’ve come too far
If we’re lost and if not where we are
Half of us is easy, the other half is hard
Even though we do our best, we end up being scarred
By the time there’s nothin’ left to choose
One man puts the fire out, the other lights the fuse

3 day 3 quote challenge-finale

T.Wayne invited me to take the challenge and now this is my final day…perhaps I should celebrate….so to start, here is a favorite quote that I found of all places on a 45$ bottle of wine. Now I’ve never met a grape I didn’t like and this bottle was amazing but I think that like many moments in life, specialness is where you want to find it and I found mine on the side of a lovely bottle with a wolf on it. The quote is here:

  1. Hillside vineyard

“I ride over my beautiful ranch. Between my legs is a beautiful horse. The air is wine.

The grapes on a score of rolling hills are red with autumn flame.

Across Sonoma mountain, wisps of sea fog are stealing. The afternoon sun smoldered in the drowsy sky. I have everything to make me glad I am alive….”

Jack London 

Now damn, that is a beautiful piece of writing. Simple yet sets the mood as if you were mounted upon your steed-a fine Arabian stallion perhaps? To see the fields and colors through his eyes, now that is a bottle I will never forget. I want to be there in that moment, riding beside Jack London, experiencing everything as he saw it.

I am not selecting three bloggers as the rules say, but to anyone who wishes to join, the floor is yours my friends, just select three quotes in three days and nominate three bloggers to the challenge….my bad, I hate putting others on the spot. 

This photo resembles the mountains minus the vineyards that I think would be the view….I love it and thought you would enjoy.