Season of the witch…and friends

Must be that time of year,
flying in to spend some time
hanging out with friends
as the cool wind whips
and the ghosts wander the woods,
Hound dogs bay at the night
and fall is all around.
The night is filled with frightful sounds
as the season of the witch
finds me waiting.
Full moon fever changes moods and mind,
clouds obscure the starry sky,
wet ground chills the air
and fog rises to smother the sights
of things that go bump in the night.
He is alive
in night time dreams
and terrors not this soul
but gives comfort like flowers,
creaking and groaning
the house sings its song,
of Halloween tricks
and treats.
Two awesome Halloween creations mastered by my loving Mother and given to me…finally after much pleading and begging. Both winners of a blue and red ribbon at the County Fair. Made with love and now living here.

Lost baubles

Princess charm
Bottles misted with dew
Hangs on roadside sign,
Who is the princess
Who lost her pretty bauble,
Sitting waiting
To be claimed
By tiny hands
That cherish.
Did the princess cry
Upon discovering
The absence
Of precious jewels,
Were they tossed carelessly,
Cruelly by the witches hand?
Or just tossed to the admirers
Of the tiny one
By her fingers?
Tiny princess baubles
Passed daily
Going nowhere,
Waiting at the road side
Lost and found.

Anger behind cloud/flying

Cat vomit times eight
Clean up knows no end
Cat trashes trash , fifty-two pickup
Of Q-tips and hair and Kleenex
Clinging dogs like vultures
Fed twice and treat
Never enough
Let me in
Let me out
Dishes times three
Loads that is
Every frying pan in the house
And freshly made bagels
Lay cool on a rack
As the cat tries to push them
One after another
Onto the floor below.
Enough, enough
Take me away now
Do I lock myself in the john
For a little time for me….
He looks at me and rubs my shoulder
Asks what’s wrong
Afraid it may be him
nothing and everything
I just need a break
I go outside to help plow the deck
And the walk and
The lawn, for the dogs we do,
Taking out my anger on the crystal white snow
Be gone,be gone
It flies back at me
My blue jacket and hat
Now sparkling white.
Done at last
I return to the cave
Throw the dogs a big assed bone
And knowing calm
I fly away.