The eve of the cat

Moon hangs bright above,
swollen orb watching like a giant eye,
shadows guiding the branches like skeletal fingers
grasping as we find our way
in the darkness we hear her purr.
She moves in between the dark and light
memories of childhood
gleeful fright,
soft and seductive her voice calls forth
sharp nails catch on silky drapes
shredding the strings
she happily plays.
The moods shifting in and out
bringing a smile, perhaps a pout
and costumes betray no curve or ounce
we crawled on all fours being
as stealthy as she,
as the masked crusaders tried
to capture their prey
she toyed so artfully
yet often foiled,
till next time kids
we’d sigh and dream
of heroes and villains
and knowing that it wasn’t real,
took pleasure in playing all of the parts,
when innocence was the easiest art
and we could be everyone
wearing our masks,
till night came to call
Happy Halloween to all
and live and laugh
be all of that and more,
but I will wear my tail
and whiskers too perhaps
after of course,
my cat nap.

Image of my favorite cat lady of all time….meow….purr…..

Just a sip

We float amongst the beautiful things
watching the ripples move out from our lives
absorbed in the depths
of another’s soul of words,
we long for that beauty
to call our own.
We linger in our reflections,
distortion of thought marring our view
as waves crash over in the dark
we lose sight of the moon for but a moment
then remember with the light
of a distant star
we are who we are.
Standing in the shallows
we dig our toes down in the unseen,
lingering on edges and softness
we free ourselves from the silt
shaking it off
we cleanse our images in the cool water,
we sip just a bit
to remember the taste
of our life blood
coursing through unencumbered,
we dye the sky
with our worth.
Knowing as we depart
still finding solid ground,
we were always enough.
For we are what lies within,
unseen yet felt
activated vibration and energy
and the will of amazing strength,
forged of the universe we rise
and stand tall.

As one

We run our thoughts through scenes,
colored images exploring the realms
in empty spaces found
dipping our mind in to swirl it around
mix it all up creating something new
special and sincere
like rain on a solitary afternoon
we become as one
feeling the drops fall
plopping down to the ground
making a mighty splat
we marvel at the makings
of natures art.

Watered down days of paintbrush strokes
and songs that soothe the mind
relaxing us into the place
where artists dwell unseen,
we blend in becoming
something new from ingredients found
in dreams and ideas
we craft them into collages
sea shells and waves
on blank canvas we shuffle it here
and then there
trying to fit pieces in to appeal,
we realize there is a bit of us
within each frame,
as love is all in the end
we evaporate to become
the images of our perfect selves.

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