The quiet shift between spaces

silence waiting like a dying bloom captured

pressed for saving then forgotten

till found in the days of tomorrow.

Turning one into another as chapters move

like ghosts from thoughts of another drifting through

the space of time and thought

caught up between the dark and light.

Eyes linger over the edges of letters

following like the train tracks into the horizon

knowing it leads to a destination unknown,

eagerly waiting to find the scenery

ever-changing as moments roll by.

There is always something hanging unseen

dancing between the faded parchment

dreams inspired in the empty air

as it is subtly moved with each flick of fingers,

solid held and energy felt

flowing through with the scent of history

embedded in the bridge and cover

a story of itself untold.


We unearth our treasures unknowingly,
lost bones gathered on silent sand
washed ashore like mermaid souls,
quietly wandering in ghostly apparitions.
We gather together
bits and pieces of a dying life,
what once moved with the undulating sea
now tossed aside like yesterdays trash.
Picked by clever hands
stowing away into the gaping empty bag,
fossils of a thousand years away
yesterday cleaned and tucked into jars
kept in the sun and cherished.
We unbury mementos as we walk along
not searching for the particular
just these gifts from the sea offered
waiting for the eye to catch
to silently wonder in awe
just what it is that is finally found.
What once was so strong,
carried on the back and found so deep
majestic creatures that still inspire
yet dwindling in numbers we cast our eyes outward
searching for sight or sound,
for we know they will sing
though we may never hear the song,
we know the beat of the waves
from cradle to the grave,
we become one with this history
unburied and gifted
and loved.

A photo of my finds at the beach yesterday, a whale vertebra, a shell with a peaceful little heart broken through it, and what I think is some sort of dead coral, rather stiff yet pliable….thought it was a fish carcass at first. Just thought I’d share my finds, have yet to wash off the sharks teeth, another small bag in itself. The whale vertebra is the size of my palm. Very cool finds 🙂

Living layers

Lost in the deepest corners of the darkest sleep

hours pass living out scenes with strangers

and eyes that dig deep with knowing

into the soul as we watch the moment

like a television show first seen in color,

with wonder we breathe in the clouded air,

as if a long-lost spirit you’ve once known

watching you intently with a hint of smile,

as you recognize somewhere below

in that layer that you knew existed,

yet had never entered-

the calm moves over smoothing the storm

as the heart beats in time

with the dream realm story before you.

In dreams do we see

hints of those passed on into the energy of now,

connections of spirit that call to us,

we wake refreshed and smiling

for even in knowing the experiences not real

yet always remembered with a certain fondness for their being.

Do we gather lessons we’ve learned

while visiting these corners of the mind,

are the faces unfamiliar yet known

perhaps sent for reasons beyond our minds perception?

Deep eyes looked into mine and I had the sense

they were sent with a message

and as the weight of days were lifted and carried,

I felt like I could fly into the gathering clouds

knowing that movement was now needed

to join the underlying layer

to become one with the deepest self,

to be

to breathe upon waking

into a realm of peace.

Thoughts on a dream I had last night, a stranger whose eyes seemed so very familiar, kind and light and in conversation I left, walking away feeling as if the weight I had carried had been lifted away and that in allowing, I had become free. I like dreams like that ❤

Like dust of dreams

I awoke in the home of a new world

bodies of fractured dust blown on endless winds,

storm clouds gather to wash me away

cleansing the soul of eternity.

Built on memories through time

yesterday speaks with a thousand tongues,

who we are

what we’ve become

just another piece in the spectrum of it all.

We climb to skies that seek us out

higher in thoughts we float on calm,

dappled skies in black and white

photographs and still life trapped on film,

turn page after page as day is through.

Where we’ve been we sometimes see

in the mind of dreams we chance to know

the truth of lives through a million years

caught in a raindrop falling down

reflecting our here and now

we know

it’s just a small piece

of the whole.

Upon a thought of movement

We are quicksand lives

mired and murky in their naivety

waiting for the next flash of something

anything to change the colors that spin

out of our control

like dancing fireflies which mesmerize

we fall silent in their beauty,

in their simplicity.

Jealous in fact I think,

as they flit about like monarchs

so seldom seen yet still revered,

we watch in fascination

enraptured by their beauty

longing to be light

buoyant like air.

Skies change like minds


quickly as each day passes

and we move in our directions

when the light changes granting pardon

and we scurry across like rabbits watched

by waiting dogs,

never knowing when the texter may move forward

unaware at what transpires behind the wheel

though in the wrong

clueless to the life that moves

beyond the capsule

of airbags and roll bars,

a hapless victim of the new day.

We heed the call within

at times understanding the words unspoken,

to breathe and move

in an unhurried pace,

to reflect and embrace

to just be at one for a minute

while the stars pass by

unnoticed at times

when framed in the image

of a spring time moon.

Wandering universe

I love simple days,

When thoughts spread themselves everywhere

And yet nowhere in particular,

Floating in the darkness

I watch the cool white orb of a moon above me,

Stars twinkle like the drops that fall

Off of blue water dampened skin.

I breathe in the night air

Diving below I see the lights waver from my view

And I surface from the depths

Breathing in the air

Blissfully aware.

My thoughts wander like the universe

In and out of view with the passing hours

And I toast to another beautiful day

Grateful for this moment

And watch as these words in my mind

Drift away to be realized with the light of the sun

Written and held before setting them free.

Wishes upon the stars again tonight 

Will come as evening falls upon us,

As friends reunite after too very long

We will be together

Sitting as the candles flicker

And the glistening pool waits invitingly once more

For ripples of life to move the still waters,

For love to be shared

With one another.

A tipsy turvy day has found us. A great winning football game last night and a cool night, we went swimming in darkness below a stunning moon, to awaken this morning and journey on our walk as a helecopter hovered for a half hour overhead….I know it’s not the paparazzi finding me yet again, but found later that a fatality had occurred a stones throw from our house on the Main Street. Sending prayers out to the gentleman and his family and the driver who had the right of way who must be devastated. Friends arrive from back home in a few hours and it will be so nice to spend a few days with wonderful company. My blogging will be sporadic but I should be in and out and back full time this weekend. Peace and blessings. Fall has found Florida compliments of Matthew.

Where’s the cookies?

With excitement and with glee
a sign meant just for me,
with dreams of sugar and cocoa
peanut butter and more so
with macaroons and fruit
and chips and nuts to boot,
the visions filled my mind
as I left the husband behind.
I saw the sign and a metal fence
and a small house just beyond
but could smell no good things on the air
just nature and trees and birds flying there,
no Oreo’s or snickerdoodles of dreams,
no cutouts nor the gingerbread
as disappointment filled my head
where are the cookies that I see
on the sign right there in front of me?
I want some pecans and jelly filled
peanut blossoms like Mom had made
no sweet things here just logs and stone
wait, how can this be a cookie home?
If I’ve got my milk but nothing to dunk
this has now put me in quite a funk
so home to gelato to soothe my heart
and heal my soul
where there’s now a hole
for no cookies in my cupboard there
but I got some nuts
so there!

Thoughts at a park earlier today where I saw a sign that said Cookie house…too much excitement…for a second, then the let down. Sigh….I could go for a cookie about now.



Curious finds…and can I eat it?

Ambling about the yard, camera in hand searching for beauty where I may find it, I gaze up to see a curiosity. Now this is not the magic banana tree, this is a plant with leaves that seem to grow about 3-4 feet long and flap in the breeze like wayward flags in green gone wild. I took a few images to share with you, not sure if they are plantain or banana or anything edible for that matter, and there is a large purple pod growing out of the bottom of the bunch with leaves that seem to be opening occasionally and curling back. Thought you might enjoy some sights from my yard. If anyone knows what this is, and if it (the green protrusions) are edible and if so, when to harvest them, let me know. I want to enjoy them before my neighbor puts up his ladder, leans over and cuts them off for himself.



Welcome to the jungle friends, pull up a piece and chat for awhile. I like to call it the Little Shop of Horrors plant….Feed me Seymour.

In search of youth 

Thoughts filled my head last night while I lay me down to sleep, I’d like to think it was sugarplums dancing there but alas, nothing as beautifully choreographed as that. It was thoughts of things I took for granted then, the simple joys of innocents times, television that catered to enriching a young mind, songs playing on the little plastic box that ran a slide of images that went along with the songs, nursery rhymes perhaps, but I remembered the gingerbread man song in particular. I’ve always had a fondness for sweet things, played the game candy land while pretending that each little land visited was real. A land of make believe to hide away from truths of the actual life lived. I escaped into different worlds, and with writing now, perhaps still do in a way but not as escape, just to ear mark the moments and thoughts that pass through my life, moments that I can’t take for granted…moment that make me, well, me.

Which brings me to cookies. I love cookies. I no longer eat cookies, unless I happen to be in Publix and feel my sugar running low, then one small sixteen cent sugar cookie to boost the brain back into proper order. I eat the biscotti thins, pistachio ones at one hundred calories, not too sweet but just enough. Now keep in mind, as a kid I could devour an entire package of Oreos….back then they weren’t super sized like they are now, and my little sister and I would buy a pound Hershey bar with almonds, hole up in our room at night and play rummy I think it was, with the night breezes blowing in our windows cooling us down as we listened to the radio and laughed, talking long past when we should have been sleeping. Licorice was another favorite, big bags of strawberry twizzlers. Vinegar chips, etc….the list is endless. Memories like that make me smile and today I watched a video of my sister leading her chorus in a vibrant playful song, under the sea from the little mermaid. It made me so proud to see her. Body language spoke volumes, she was a kid again and it took me back to when I was young and in chorus, singing, and happy, just plain old having fun. I imagine us at the end of our days and I know the gifts she’s given to her students, the Impact she’s made on so many young minds. It left me so very proud and I must say, Teary eyed too.

She’s coming to visit next month with her husband and three sons, and I know we won’t be up late eating hard earned Hershey bars or slipping out for a Friendlys Reeses pieces sundaes, not even a big glass of Nestles chocolate milk….but what we will have is laughter, and love and that’s enough for me to be grateful for just thinking about it. Cheers Sis! Looking forward to the happy moments together again. 

This is how I look thinking of life…..such a blessing, leaving me in awe. Gotta love the Minions….

But the eyes are blind…

And so it goes round again to the Little Prince book. Yesterday was a rain event down here in Florida (which if you watch the weather/news you’d know who Colin was) and being pretty much shuttered in, somewhere between bursts of rain and cool breezes, life gave me time to ponder more than I normally would…which is too much if you ask me, but I did it regardless. I could have gotten a lot of writing done but perhaps it was the barometric pressure of the system upon us, I just needed to take a bit of a step back and ponder. Now I’m sure you’re sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what it was I was pondering, right? Okay, so I will let you know. Blessings. Lots and lots of blessings and the perspectives around said blessings.

So above in the picture you see the bottom of the pool. I wasn’t trying to capture the image of the bottom, but trying for the million little drops of water that were falling pretty much non-stop. I took quite a few pictures yesterday and it was only after I sat back and took a look at them, did my perspective change. Sometimes we’re trying to get whats on the surface, yet if we look deeper, the answers may just be there, big things, those answers are, shouting out “Hey, look at me. I’m here, can you see me now?”. So in this picture I see a few drops but below, what is only half of an emblem, looks like a rising sun. It will pass. This rain, this storm, everything…it will pass. I tend to get down on myself for not doing what it is I should be doing, what feels right doing, etc….I need to give myself a break. I kept encountering angel numbers again yesterday, all week as a matter of fact, 111 primarily and 444. Google Doreen Virtues answers on what the angel numbers mean, any that you see repetitively, and see if it doesn’t have some measure of truth. Anyway, kept encountering those two numbers, and it was only when I stopped and paid close mind, realize there was a message there, a message I had been ignoring for the last few days. Manifesting…I do it quite often and I think I began to take it for granted. So hence the pondering and letting the messages talk to me yesterday. It left me feeling calm today upon waking and even though I feel tired, I know there is so much more I want to get out of today. Another image that threw me off is this one:


What seems to be a cross upon the pool, again trying to take pictures of the little drops and ripples gave me a cross. This cross is the beams to the metal lanai, not all of the beams  showed up in the water, just this one. More reminders that I’m not in this storm alone and the Good Lord has my back, as always. Another image from the floor of the lanai:


At some point we reach a fork in the road, if I’m the little metal button at the top, I know I’m going to get there soon….past the rough patches, a few smooth spots but it will come, I just need to trust in myself to choose the right one. All of this, just from a few pictures taken during a rain storm. I never know why I take these, all I know is that afterwards, I glean some insight from what I have. Reasons and purposes via Kodak. The rest of the “But the eyes are blind” quote is “One must look with the heart”, I believe sometimes one must look within and also with the heart and then the scenery will give you answers you didn’t know you were asking for. That’s how this life works….pretty F*ing amazing (Right Elizabeth?) and you thought I was going to say it….nope….I only say that when I see this:


After realizing the cat has now found a way to the top of my closet, and of course lies on my clothing…that had been free of cat hair….I think I’ve disturbed her catnap…but she did leave a deceased mouse(perhaps he drowned and she was performing cat to mouse resuscitation) on the back cement patio so I guess she can stay there….for now. I will post more later today with any luck and will leave you with our not so angelic number dweller.


I think I shall call him Herman. Although he has many siblings, so perhaps they will all be Hermans. The number hermit.

Peace and blessings and watch, there’s always a sign… K