Grains moving through in gentle waves
piling into formations we find
treasure in the expected places,
yet still wondering what may lay beneath.
Each step we sink into soft damp bliss
the water moving with the pace of the day,
in and out washing away to expose
the smallest wonders in our winding path.
Time moves forward, drifting on forever
in the ageless moments where children play
perhaps dreaming of pirates and mermaids
they know not what tomorrow brings,
but only the now they are in.
Do we smile when returning to those times,
essential memories of yesterday
as games and the day seemed to last so long
now knowing in hindsight how fast it moves,
no matter where we find ourselves
as the compass gives its knowledge
do we heed the silence and a beating heart
as we forage on in search of more,
do we give our thanks for each moment given
as a wave moves in and out
doing what it knows
pushed by the winds of fancy
and rushed by the storms of fate,
we pluck up the random stones before us
that catch our eye for the shape and style
and are we but a treasure too,
set free from the bottom
and cast out upon the drifting sand,
seen by that which is unseen
and set free to become a part
of the amazingness of the whole.


Delight held in the rising memory
of a flower opening in the morning light,
moments remembered unexpectedly
surfacing through the fog of minutes passed.
An image blurred that comes into clarity
a face or conversation
as years had gone by unnoticed
the scent that lingered at the edge of thought
teasing the mind to recall.
There were flowers undulating quietly,
a day calmed with a summer breeze,
lavender blooms so small yet abundant
standing tall on green threads in their endless bed,
the gifting of a smile borne on the lips of a soul lost
as tears dried beneath a sun that healed,
stopping to see what lay by the side
the garden of care open for releasing
as secrets whispered amongst the beauty,
the darkness slipped away in a found peace.
Welcomed hints of yesterday
come to me in sleep and dreams,
waking in the morn as sun nudges her way
beyond the horizon in pale pinks and blues
a garden lies quietly waiting
and her buds rise to touch the sight,
unfurling their pale flags slowly
and gifting the dawn
with a beauty so gentle,
opening the soul to begin its day
in abundance.


In deepest thoughts we wander
aimless and quietly into the forests of yesterday,
the heights shrouded in fine mist
and our memories hang high in the canopy tops,
barely filtered by the light of waking morn.

Staring into the grey shaded fog
as ghostly clouds linger casting shadows,
we reach in and move the images about
seeking meaning where we can see clearly.

How did we come to be here,
in this place where translucent snapshots move
in and out of focus,
the mind a panoramic camera with a cracked lens
distorting the sights
and bringing to the surface the sounds
of a deep breath exhaling.

As the tiniest twigs snap beneath our feet
a form stops to gaze,
with wide eyes waiting for movement
we linger in the past
then turn silently away,
move down the path unseen
leaving an echo of peace
in our departure.