Into the view

Wordless we lose ourselves into the view

beyond the scope of the physical of our here and now,

the rapture of peace prolong on stable souls,

etched in colors past our conscious realm,

we come to these places for sustenance and hope

gathering our miracles carefully

lest we fracture and crack

that which we so feverishly prayed for.

Nights silhouette calms the nerves frayed

as shades of bliss unite to find us

weighing our thoughts on our emotional scale

back and forth like the teeter-totter

on an abandoned playground field,

we slip our dreams between the stars that shine

for us we think,

always for us they come to find our minds

when in the softness of slumber

they slip in through the view beyond

and sprinkle us with their finest dust,

weaving about their tales untold

like storybook magic with happier endings

we lose ourselves as we melt on feathers

drifting off to find the end of day

meeting us in the middle

and sliding down into the oblivion

of a calm and peace


Fluid by nature

Caught in the drifting flow

melting moons of a mind moving

once more and again our nature

drives the melting like chocolate on asphalt

standing in puddles

fluid by nature.

Everywhere and nowhere

alert to the motion of light happening

sitting on the sidelines like a voyeur at a parade,

same old same old

when nothing changes the Einstein factor

insanity will reign.

Caught in the warp of the everyday

watching dogs pace after the power line bandits

teetering on the brink of understanding that it is

what it is

and isms and schisms can whisper their words

falling on deaf ears and eyes that can only see

what is known,

a melting moon can and will happen

cause the Google monster tells us so,

check it out and know

like an artists painting of dripping moments

the brush will wash clean

clocks and the timekeepers at the gate

when anything is possible and will

when given the chance,

happen as it will-

written in time yet still as of yet undiscovered

the crazies will find the asylum a welcome retreat

from the normal that has become

the everyday.

I see the sliver hanging on the invisible string,

just a piece of its former self,

because the heat will bear down

filling in the cracks and crevices

where only tiny seeds will survive

and names will elude the mind that tires

but the mustache will stand strong

of the Dali’s of this world

for they see what others can only sense

as it all drips quietly away.

Just my mind, lost in an artists moment…..tired and ready for a soft pillow.


I remember the scent of hay

growing in fields below a setting sun,


for that moment when ready,




severed and laying beneath the sun

drying out,

curling into a remnant of self.

Words pass through days

reaching in deep

pulling out the moisture

the life blood

the force that gave life

and with a last gasp

rolled into mounds

to serve purpose

in new ways under a winter sun,

brittle and cold

yet ready.

Rough and edged with pieces of yesterday

cut down from the beauty of the growth

fodder for life

still of use

sustenance for the hooved beast,

food for the circle

the chain that moves round,

I should be happy to be

when so many lands lay barren.

For I am a part of all,

it is I

and I am stacked and in circles

waiting for the next move.

Questions of time

She simply said no day can end complete without

making an enemy

with a smile on her lips,

I watched not quite understanding

why or how that could indeed be

a good thing.

When time is not an abundant commodity

can not be bought or sold

what good can come

of such darkness or is it perhaps

just my perspective

and am I blind somehow

but I do not think it’s that at all

and there can be no joy found

in adding ire to another

as their time is valuable,

as are the opinions of each soul

if only to that soul who seeks not change,

so I choose instead

moving forward as the sand trickles down

for each grain left

to spend it in kindness

leaving friends instead of enemies,

creating bonds instead of cutting cords

and of rising above and embracing the choices made

as others see fit,

but I can’t stand idly by

as the storm brews

so I slip into the wind

free and at peace


leaving prints of a heart

that still believes in something good.

Between spaces

My eyes are drawn to the beauty

caught between the spaces

places where life moves through

tenacious and greedy for the beyond.

Gardenia blossoms now faded and gone

leaving behind their simple green

a reminder of new things to come

blooms of the future await.

Life moves like this at times for me

reaching for an available view

sometimes seeming so far from reach

but smile as I turn to see yesterday behind me

and a tomorrow that will be brand new

waiting in the space where I seek

all that I need.

Between storms

Her aura colored grey
mixed with muted shades of hope
caught between storms
yesterday against today.
She raged like a cyclone against
everything she had tried to glean
that slipped away in a fast rushing stream
smashed upon the rocks so aimlessly.
The clouds spoke to ears that were closed
as she waited for the lights from above
to stream through and cast direction,
to banish the fury
for her hope and need.
Stranded upon the crumbling rock
she cried out in surrender to the might of above
weak and tired closing her eyes
waves lifting her to carry her past
that which she thought would devastate,
standing on firm ground
feet caked with grains of shells and sand,
clouds cleared to show the way
and the stars that spoke of a new today
just keep the faith
leave the rest behind,
Rain tapered to a gentle soft stroke
the words she spoke so long ago,
now ringing in ears eager to hear,
the beauty,
the light,
it’s finally here.

In the light of a universe

I stood there cloaked in the light of a thousand stars,

glittering like rain that won’t fall

suspended above this questioning soul.

I reached up as if I,

a mere mortal,

could touch one,

as if I could reach so far to the heavens,

and the cool emptiness of my hands left me sad

although I understood,

the hollowness that sat within

like the weight of a hundred years

and I asked my questions to the silence

and only the echo

of a distant dog was heard in reply.

Such a solitary place it is within a star,

so far away and so many wishes

yet unable to answer

except in falling,

always so rare.

Pale glitter painted sky of my dreams,

touched by the brush of such a gifted hand

and as I sit here quietly watching

each day that plays out

I bless the clouds for keeping their distance

when I needed to see,

to feel so very deeply

this beautiful piece hung for my pleasure.


From here I see….

Forever in a heart that beats

staccato rhythm endlessly emerges

too fast for the night skies that slip silently away

drums beat on a beach

nowhere near to here.

Eyes that see blue waters

soothing motion should settle the mind

and I remember why I came

to the peace of a sunny day spent

wandering history and ruins.

The ease of days unfold

seem ramping into a new place

and an old time and perhaps it is only fear

replacing the knowledge of all that is

but in the morning light nothing changes

and the heart keeps beating

until it doesn’t.

The weight of action within stirs like a cauldron

and the grasping of hands pulls tight

like a dog on a leash chasing squirrels

and I am pulled about and it hurts

this tightening and I long for sleep but it eludes me

like a moment of solitary thought that slipped silently in

then like a whisper was gone,

headed for tomorrow

without a map.

I sit here with this god awful heartburn, something I have not had in almost two months….waiting for an antacid to kick in and soothe….but more irritated as I’m ready for bed and I dread a reflux if I lay prone….but on a good note, got the little fraidy pup into the pool today for a much needed bath? or at least a cooling swim….I think the little idgit was trying to capsize me in my floaty craft…but I made it out with almost dry hair….Yay me 🙂 she on the other hand is a little better to look at and smell….no dirt in the bed, nope…not gonna happen. Don’t ask me what this poem is about, I just went with it….who knows…I need sleep right about now…past my bedtime 🙂 sorry no image to accompany it….I honestly don’t know what I would put except a bottle of Rolaids at this point….wish me luck it makes it stop….grrrr…

Standing still

Idle thoughts of wildflowers
Colors that bring smiles
Under sunny summer skies
And time stands still
In this space between wondering
And knowing
As the second hangs suspended
Like a dust mote floating
On invisible wind.
Paths taken forward
Through winding moments spent
Waiting for nothing
As this quantum minute
Exceeds space.
Singing a song that makes me happy
As the sun shadows move farther away
And the broken piece still stays
Motionless where so much packed in
To this endless hour
That never changes yet like an cup filled
And emptied
And refilled once more
With idle thoughts in colors
Of lavender and yellow
Pinks and hues of skies so blue
Irrelevant is the time that passed
In the eternal scheme
With hands that lay still
Marking nothing but a thought
Of here and now.

Driving to work today, passing some wildflowers growing by the side of the road I thought of time standing still and how time wouldn’t matter because like a broken watch, the moment is always there at the same time as it was when it stopped, yet we move on and in the big scheme of things, time at this moment is just not relevant.

A silence of memory

Eyes that gaze outward
silence of a memory obscured
beyond the broken glass pane of yesterday
was a moment once remembered
now lost among the busyness
of a day gone mad.
Earth changes black and white
capturing colors in prisms
yet hidden by fog
where is the sun the child asks
and I no longer know.
The evil fills the emptiness
life lost in desperation
and I still peer out into the dark
knowing that there is another way,
another place within the mind
where seasons cycle through
and goodness reigns
to open the window and breathe
the air of coolness
it hangs and falls silently
as if never there at all
and in the moisture words are drawn
I am here
I am aware.
Where is that memory
tucked away for a rainy day
needed occasionally to fulfill
the smile that fell
needlessly in the moment
of chaos.