Words in time

Juggling the grains,
we are feeling the softness slipping through
as it chafes the senses
blurring them into
the castles of life.
Movement measured
between the filter falling,
back and forth we tip it round
chasing tails to find a moment
to settle back down.
In these worlds of glass
we fear the breakage of carelessness,
the whole that holds together
must remain intact
for no more and no less
may be added into the mix,
as it trickles down for us all
we grab our spoons
and trying to carry each bit forward,
find we lose more by holding tighter
yet when we release and let go
the storm passes and piles more at our feet,
yet we will climb
step by step as we only know how
to reach the summit
and perhaps if blessed,
touch the glow of a midnight moon.

Between lines

Do we fit in seamless
invisible spaces caught between lines,
tracing the letters with fingers
reading each one with careful focus
seeing memories left behind.
Timeless classic forgotten
till brought to light in a play list
sorted in order
and set aside
waiting for the hand to seek
and open to find
the magic again unleashed
retouch the heart with yellowed pages
drifting through time and space
a child once more.
We become that which we read
diving in deeper with each page turned
mirroring lives as we realize
someone knew the way we feel
and wrote it in a verse
as if just for us
to see ourselves within
the masterpiece created by one.

Somewhere between here and nowhere

I made it as far as Topeka before my cash ran out. Jumping off the bus in the darkness of this place wasn’t my idea of a life lived free but for now it would do. I glanced at the map beneath a street light, tattered and greasy from use, suddenly feeling like Columbus on a flat world, the crease and drop off a bit farther from where I currently stood.

I found a bench in front of a window with one of those cheap closed signs hanging off kilter, no hours posted but the place was dark. The smell of grease seemed to ooze from somewhere within the dingy windows and assaulted my nostrils in the night cooled air. A breeze picked up, the sound of metal coming towards me as a crunched can tumbled down the street. I sat my bag down and stood up to retrieve the can, my good girl sense of not littering never far. Lifting it with two fingers, stale beer dripped onto the still warm pavement,  I lifted the lid to a nearby trash can to throw the offending article away. In the light I could see the white rice on the lid moving slowly, realizing they were maggots and were everywhere, unhinging my gag reflex as I slipped the can into the darkness of the plastic tub, the smell of death and decay slammed me full value in the nose and I felt my granola bar I had eaten on the bus, rise to the surface of my throat. “Good God, what the hell is in there?” I retched next to the can and as I stood up, saw a hand laying next to the beer can I had tossed in. I leaned over and threw up anything else that had been left in my stomach, wiping my face with my arm, reached for my cell phone. I dialed as my hand shook and finally took a breath when a pleasant voice greeted my ears. “Topeka emergency services, what can I help you with today” and as I looked back to the trash can, frantically trying to compose my thoughts, a shadow moved from the side of the diner and it was then I found my lost voice and screamed.

To be continued…….