Coming to now

Entering the portal of truth,
the mind set free to wander
aimlessly to its desire,
dreamt worlds stand at the ready
united in the now.
Faces and places come together
in a riot of color like waving flags,
lifted by simmering breezes
the heat moves past the fire
igniting the soul in bliss.
Open to the realm,
possibilities endless before us
to pick and choose our desires
and create the world in kindness,
starry nights guide the mind
to fall into the moment
so big yet so small
but perfect in every way.
Coming to now we feel
the flow of peace course through,
streams of consciousness never hindered
roaming round to the open sea
washed away on a wave
of love divine.


Songs unite the front,
standing at the edge of the mind
taking that step forward
when told to remain,
lost souls swim to the surface
in this make-believe world.
Surreal hues mark the place
floating in the moments
we take care of the minutes
like a meeting of the minds,
ticking soundless and forgotten
for if we cannot hear the beat,
we cannot dance to the tune.
In these places I find the comfort
threads of words drift
cutting the core to the quick,
and rising to take the bait
we fall down once more
to the hard ground that calls
for the soul to sit a spell
and remember the importance
of a silent meditation,
how it soothes and heals
the broken,
how it patches together the colors
to make rainbows
after rain.

Message found

In the quiet moments
that reside in-between moments
and thoughts that balance the mood
I find you waiting.
Messages found in the acts of kindness
come washing through like soothing rain,
cooling the fire of insecurity
or the edge of waiting on sidelines
never hearing your name called,
passing the time I had forgotten
in the reaching out
beyond the waves where emptiness lay
there was found a gift
of endless words that lifted higher
to where air could be found
and life preserved in a state
of knowing,
floating along on the bliss of peace
and the hand that trembles
stronger for the hand that took it firmly,
leading it to the shore,
reminders and memories of what it was,
that all important thing called kindness
and the tears that rise
held back by the dam of senses,
never here for fear
as their eyes that glare in condemnation
in the high tower of their hearts,
stare perhaps sadder
for not having that perfect moment
on that sudden connection of souls,
the smile created worth being open
and spilling the waters
of humanity and need realized
as a stranger becomes a friend
if only for a moment.