piece found

gathered with care

into the bag please

we pluck the remnants found

along the road roaming

we pick more

and spread


An elderly neighbor and I walk six days a week, and for years I’ve watched her pick up cigarette butts and general litter with her handy picker. For Christmas, I had mentioned to my wonderful husband about helping her, and in my stocking found my very own snazzy picker. Today we gathered a bag and a half before the storm and rain rolls in tonight and tomorrow. Giving back to Mother Earth when we can feels awesome! Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Gazing at Now

Into the now I linger,

beyond the panes I see

touches of color blending moods

like coming home.

Star filled skies soothe the spirit

as the mind meditates amongst the trees,

my sentient soldiers wait

as the rhythm slows to calm,

I am borne of dust and shining things

in the moment of knowing

all that I AM.

Tranquility serves release in dreams

through the deep of night I linger,

speaking to the specters in tongues

I remember the ancient language

and tell their story

of life’s journey through

the ether of this second passed

leaving me aware and longing.

The incense burns its sweetest scent

as I am carried through the portal,

starstruck and mystified

I hang on the cusp

and dream.

On Track

Down hardened lines

turned soft through time

I linger in my dreamscape mind,

where angels whisper to my ear

and carry me into moments dear.

The faces of a day gone by

in patterned seconds I learn to try

to glean the message they come to give

and embrace the light,

where their words now live.

The midnight hour had moved as norm

and waking with thoughts

now freshly born

of angels I have heard in sleep

and hearts that flow

with love so deep.

I linger with vibration found

and smile as crystals become unbound

from starry skies that fill the night,

an emotion pulled from joys delight.

I learn the truth of all I see

and with waking, know

I’ve been set free.