Where’s the boat?

The things you see. This is in the waterway where boats go through to get out to the jetty. A picnic table in the middle in shallow water…Dude is fishing off of of it and I wonder how they are going to eat their sandwiches out on the sandbar. Perhaps they took a wrong turn for Sea World and are waiting for Shamu to jump out of the water by their ring side seats? (Their beer cooler was back on shore…guess they can use that floaty device to go fetch some as needed) so yeah, the things we see down here never cease to amaze me. (Don’t ask about the pistol on our walk this am…sitting on top of a garbage can….just keep walking and don’t look back ma’am….) Yep, all sorts of interesting things to do and see. I suppose it’s a fun way to have a picnic…Memorial Day weekend….I guess it just might be safer and easier to stay home and bask by the pool.