Slipping through

The conscious moment
as realization set in like concrete
the place we stand in time
as the mind glides about like a manic hummingbird,
fast forward and slipping through
the bounds of yesterday
we gaze in wonder at the images found
like snapshots remembered
and once loved.
The quiet notes of a piano playing in the distance,
unseen soul laughing as in the memory
bounced about like a rough ride,
crashing down with a bump and giggle
the days long gone
yet resurrected with a song.
I imagine those words living
and the skies alight with a thousand points of light,
metal fences with spikes
protect the garden of the mind
and we see through the spaces and know
this is where we need to be
right here
right now.
Daily news grinds the soul
to a hollow vessel tired of repeat,
lift the needle and change the tune
to a dance groove filled with summer and sunshine,
and we can’t help feeling sad
but don’t want to keep on hearing the drone
of the darkness of the void filled
with lurking monsters hell-bent
on crushing the heart further
as if a million pieces were not enough.
Ain’t no bringing back
so let it go,
and the glasses I see unexpectedly bring a smile
and her scent fills the air like her words
the message sent and received
to dance in the moonlight
and don’t dare give a damn
bout the howling rovers who play
on the hearts of the lonely,
never dull the sparkle
and glitter on like diamonds
into the break of a new day released
from the edge of the bed dreams
that keep me falling.

A stream of conscious piece, just because that’s what needed to be said, don’t ask me what it all means, the muse just must be a messing with me again 🙂

Yesterday visits

Journeying on a path to tomorrow

Searching through things 

Moments of years in boxes

Sorted and separated into save or go

As music sings to me

Betcha By Golly wow…

And I sing along letting my mind drift

Down the different courses we’ve run,

Changes taking place

All over again.

Blue skies keep company

As the dogs watch the in and out

Of closing doors and bins stacked high,

And the station plays tune after tune

Karen singing to me sweeps my thoughts in smiles

“Don’t you remember you told me you loved me baby”

And the mind trips off in a different direction,

Days of youth and records long gone,

Of friends and places seen,

Of life that fell between

Each journey we took

On dusty roads

The city lights

And tailgating and midnight star gazing

A toast by the pond

Under a summer sky.

A quiet day spent

Rekindling a memory of good days and bad

But as the out pile grows

This letting go of dying things

As I have the box within my mind

Of each day

Each door that opened and closed

And yesterday can visit

But it can never stay

For tomorrow is another day

And the brightest sun will light the way

To new beginnings

New moments in the now

To be embraced.

Into yesterday

“These are the seasons of emotion and like the winds they rise and fall This is the wonder of devotion – I see the torch we all must hold. This is the mystery of the quotient – Upon us all a little rain must fall.” Led Zeppelin

Journeys wind through the nature of seasons,
I call the woods my home from home,
To be amongst the silence
To gain perspective
Of the whole.
I sit among the wild flowers
They ask not their purpose
They just spring forth from dirt,
As we all come from particles
Into something.
We too carry forth on our path.
We rise up through hardship
Or a are blessed with a peaceful easy road.
Yet nothing will stop the feelings
From rising up
To clutter our way.
When did we forget to be like the flowers,
To just spend our moments gracing the path
Of the solitary traveler who walks on past?
When did we forget that we too shall have our season,
Our rain,
Our sunshine,
Our group of others,
Alike or not quite as much,
When did we forget
To dance with the wind?
Clouds move in and out of my heart,
Hard days blend and I find myself
Forgetful of the simplest things,
Distracted by the rain that falls,
Wipers moving back and forth
And songs of yesterday play on
And half way home,
A favorite song,
I don’t remember singing along.
Yet my voice startles my from
The simple daydream reverie.
The journey thus far,
Just a mirage of emotion,
Played out like a movie I remember
As a child,
To awake and find,
Credits rolling in the rear view mirror
Heading home
In the midnight hour
Rocking motion of the wheels
Soothing and so very quiet,
Highway lullabies,
Go to sleep my child,
Were almost there.

“Between the silence of the mountains
And the crashing of the sea
There lies a land I once lived in
And she’s waiting there for me
But in the Grey of the morning
My mind becomes confused
Between the dead and the sleeping
And the road that I must choose”
The Moody Blues