The drifting mind

The serenity before storms,
edges tinged with the hope
of beautiful days beneath beckoning skies,
drifting in thought to the wisest words
as we float on the waves of this life.
Where do we go
turning inwards to face the fear
and the thousand nameless eyes that see,
do we truly hear the whispers imagined,
the taunt of the crowd as we stand on the precipice
and stare into the abyss of self
wondering how it became,
how this ocean of everything grew so deep.
We close our eyes and dive in
trusting the calm of our sanctified heart
buoying us upward into the freshness of air
and the simple sound of laughter heard from somewhere within.
To know we float on the top
like thick cream bubbling with effort,
when we stopped to just be
we were carried away to this place
that we had unknowingly searched for,
and damning the eyes that stare endlessly
with the vacancy of a run down motel,
falling apart at the seams
the ruin of time and elements
we are unable to save but ourselves
and free the mind of the terror
and the will that stands strong to endure
for another day is breaching the horizon
and a song plays melodies in my thoughts,
traveling down the desolate highway
we float on the oasis of our dreams
and with a tattered copy of words
penned a century ago yet still felt so true,
set free we follow the piper
to the tribe that waits beyond the stars,
where a simple truth heals.