Perhaps I may

I did not write the other day

perhaps there was not much to say

then yesterday just left me mute

my mind had nothing left to loot,

but come today

perhaps I may

find something worthy here to say

but perhaps not

maybe a little or not a lot.

Why is it then I think of tea

brown tepid water with not much to see

with fragrant scent aroma fills

to take away the winter chills

but don’t you see the sun shining on me

there is no snow so I’m filled with glee

but a cake with nuts I’d give my lot

this diet sucks so it matters not

for there will be no cake for me

just tepid water disguised as tea

no sugar, milk or cookie to grace

I know you can picture my saddest face

but a few pounds down and moving to do

so this poem here I give to you

when nothings stirring in the pot

the stomach growls, I kid you not

I think I’m dead,

when the mood gets bleak

and geez, it’s only been a week.

Just a little fun humor to jump-start your weekend. Sorry for my absence the last two days, been being killed slowly and readily by my fitbit Beulah….but in her defense, I’m down 4 pounds since the first of the year, to celebrate, perhaps a beer….but no I won’t just red wine please, with ice and water and a splash of burgundy so I can pretend if nothing else….oh God, stop me now with this incessant rhyming…I’m not much for timing but gotta run, out in the sun, perhaps after a nap yet another lap. Ha, happy Friday folks. I will resume my regularly scheduled lunacy tomorrow perhaps. Steak for dinner tonight, with salad and baked plain old ugly potato, perhaps I can dress it up a bit, have fun, a top hat perhaps?

In between spaces

My mind resides in drops of moisture

translucent thoughts wispy like the wind

breezes through windows yet no relief

from the mood that surrenders my soul

to seek the peace of somewhere.

Eyes fight to open

as I move like a phantom place to place

never really here or there,

just somewhere I cannot name

a place I’ve often been.

I see the light yet fight to reach

pulling myself up from this fading moment

perhaps to lay a spell and ponder

in a dream world I shall catch

the essence of self once more.

In between spaces of light and dark

no particular reason, perhaps just a lark

of nature and energy not in sync

I ask for the intervention of fluid water

soothing as it releases drop by drop

from clouds that move sideways

unlike my inner thoughts that slide in circles

coming round to find

I stand here wondering which words to choose

to suit the mood

of a melancholy day.

What eyes did see

I see a touch of humor and a light here

in these eyes from so very long ago,

school aged man child-

what was it

those things you saw

that created in you the mind

that fought for many

and closing your eyes dying

while a world of people wept.

Who were his people,

not only those with the shades of skin he wore like a robe,

there were beside you those who look like me,

though I watched from afar

black and white images flickering,

still too young to know-

to be able to stand and fight

but was it his world at home in which he lived

that inspired such passion

such a noble and wise soul born

even as a seed

destined for greatness

before he could most likely read.

I wish I had known this young boy then

and later when his feet marched,

when the power of his voice shook with such conviction,

something these days so lacking-

I wonder what I would have asked,

perhaps what was it here

that made you smile as the shutter snapped

capturing a radiance

that still shines through

all these years gone by,

and have we indeed learned anything

from your wise, truth heralding words-

do we stand as you did

or do we turn and look the other way,

and what would have become

had you not slipped away

awash in a river of red

like a modern-day of his time messiah

teaching, believing, and never backing down.

Will there be another born,

or is he or she growing still-

to take up in the footprints

through word and steadfastness

walking in those shoes so large,

to become the voice

of today.


With wild abandon

Living this life in the moment

running with the rushing wind

it embraces me like a satin sheet of goodness

with wild abandon

I want to be this face

smiling at the world,

just being in this happy moment.

I download my juju’s

colorful candies just because it’s what I do,

can’t eat the make-believe but I can collect

the bright bouncing images

that make me smile

and I don’t know why

like a game I often have no time to play,

I keep gathering the glittering jewels

for someday soon.

I want to have that shining eyed look,

feeling the muscles as they twitch and burn

and the body feeling so very alive

as the feet touch earth

even when the mind

is high above in the clouds

floating on a drifting wind of bliss.

I watch the clock

things to do in short order

like a cook that ran out of eggs

before the last omelet made,

time to get creative and squeeze just a bit more

of life from these fingers

that one now feels tingly,

is it perhaps it is excited too

by the prospect of the day ahead,

just like any other day-

nothing special but still special

in a what’s gonna happen today mood.

Contradictions of life when we flip the view

and the circus dies away

and elephants roam in a state of retirement

away from the lights and stage,

do they miss those moments of a child’s smile

to see their immense selves,

the magic that through time has drifted away

to less tangible things

like pretty speckled jujus collected

that someday won’t really matter,

do the elephants now feel their feet on grassy ground

roaming happy with this look

of a dog running down a beach,

being free

being somewhere within at peace

like me.

This morning I pulled out my iPad game, downloading my colorful candies-my challenge not to miss a day or you start back at day one, and I laughed at myself because really, I don’t know why I do it, perhaps the constant repetition of habit that I set for myself. Who knows, just downloading my juju’s as I like to call them. And this picture, this face found on the internet just makes me smile-I won a penguin badge today on my new fitbit, says I’ve walked 70 miles and I think to myself wow, me? Collecting badges and things again, but it made me smile.

Reading in the paper today about the circus, took my mind to the idea of the elephants now in retirement somewhere here in Florida, and I haven’t been to the circus since I was a child but I remember the elephants, I hope they have the look of this dog, just smiling and being, perhaps going through their routine of collecting food jujus and swimming, rolling about in happiness and feeling the grass through their toes. Quite a disjointed poem today I know, but hey, it’s what came out so I let it roll.

And I’m still smiling….time to get ready for work….gotta make the soup today (3 cans in a crockpot) should be an easy day, guess I won’t be packing on many more miles before I sleep. Happy Sunday my friends, find that happy space somewhere within, or in the outer perimeters and be at peace. Blessings and love, K of the happy face 🙂


I am always amazed by the simple things

the serendipitous moments that find me

like the sweetest blessings,

like words from afar just because

or standing strong in the face of fear

and realizing what looked so large

was something more like a speck of nothing,

the way I can laugh then

wondering if it is the moon

taunting and toying with me-

cat and mouse

in a game where there are only winners

and the pain and tiredness slips under the sheets

like the magician

here then poof “gone”.

What are these, quiet moments below the glow above

as it watches me

gracing my shadow with its presence

creating the length where I pounce upon the darkness

like a modern-day superhero

and it jumps too, where I cannot win this game

in this way

yet if I go below where it doesn’t see

and can’t capture me in silhouette

I make my own shadows with fingers

like when I was young,

and I know as I write this

I feel at times like a pleasantly surprised 5-year-old,

often amazed by the simple little miracle like things

surrounding me,

changing the perspective to not fear the darkness,

but to create my own whimsy characters in light-

because I believe I can

I make it happen

like magic,

I smile and wave goodnight

to sweet Luna who will continue its watch

upon this soul who knows

it’s all magical

and it’s all good.


We hear words that take us away

memories of holiday and days of long ago,

gathering bittersweet and weighing it out

plucking the beautiful and leaving the rest go

to re seed another day,

a chance encounter with our history

each berry of thought strung along

on stems of growth.

Our arms grow wider to encompass many

trying to carry them along on our way

perhaps to save the sweetest for a rainy day

as we linger behind panes of glass

longing to once again play

at games of life we had forgotten.

Red light green light step over the crack

hopscotch through each memory with a smile

wondering where did all of this time go,

mismatched clothes of hand-me-downs

and sneakers just a bit too tight

for money so short

we never asked for more

for enough was just enough

and as we lay down to sleep

her hands lovingly touch the vase

of colors we had plucked in fields

down the dusty dirt path

where we explored just a bit too far

and found the highway of souls rushing past,

we retreated back into the safety

of the wilderness safari,

observing the frogs and grasshoppers

and moving things

when life was easy

and thoughts not so cluttered by today,

bittersweet remembrances

of yesterday once more.

Peace of water

I moved through waves that become

salted caresses of the blue

washing in and out over sun drenched skin

finding peace tumbling at my feet.

Bright sun shines on the glittering pool

empty beyond the boats on the water

horizon of sight etched of skies of blue

touched down on the mind like a softness

too often forgotten on busy days.

Round world held in hands like a treasure

the scent of life permeates

as the swaying of these undulating waves move

feeling so very delicious and alive

here and now.

In and out aware of falling into bliss

of this moment at the sea

of finding the calm essence of me.

Lighten the load

She moves with steady feet

moving through the dance that is her life

carrying the load on her shoulders

and within her mind the heaviness bears down.

Sweeping the dust and setting aside

that which no longer can serve,

thousand of pounds of regret and misery

she steps away in the waltz

one two three free.

Each piece she has gathered through the years

now set aside on the path behind her

becoming smaller in her minds rear view mirror,

she turns and gazes towards a lighter day

feeling the air moving through her hair,

falling softly around her

she is beautiful in her mind now,

not heeding the words she’d always heard,

not believing the truths that dragged her down

she watches her skirt sway about her legs

as the feeling of peace washes over her,

slipping the bounds of her prison

she moves now with her head held high,

picking up speed she stretches her soul

and runs to the sun like the wind,

knowing there’s no turning back,

letting it all go

lightening the load

knowing it is just so.

Smiling as her heart beats to the drum in her mind,

dancing like leaves

wild and free,

into the setting sun and beyond

she knows which way to go.

At 17

At 17 I set thought orbs in glass jars on window sills

hoping to catch the light to add color and life to the dark marbles

endless piling up and spilling over,

rolling out and down the roof

lost in the lawn to be found by cutting blades,

mowers make hasty work of beauty,

chipped and broken I picked them up

one by one depositing them back in place

now able to fit in more as pieces take less space

when no longer whole.

At 18 I no longer needed the jar, or the light to see

through the darkness piled up for they had turned

to fine grains of sand,

each hurt, each infliction of pain

castles built of a fragile mind

tipped over to the wind and set free,

no longer serving who/what had been me,

standing in the rain with an empty jar

I caught puddles of rainbows

swirling them about I found the smile

I thought I could live without.

Reflections of things here and gone,

no longer adding debits or credits

but being at one with what was

and what would be

the essence of me no longer contained

in jars on sills

and broken marbles cut to bits,

no words to describe the ever changing tide

that I had become

moving through and over

never looking back

no longer needed to see what was left behind.

Not sure where this came from but saw the image and these words came to mind. No worries, I am a happy girl in the light. No darkness here, just talking with words from the stratosphere of the cosmic mind.

A to Z of me-slight poetic? form

I was chosen by Ivy to take part in the A to Z of me fun, as it is a new year, I don’t do awards but figured why not partake and let you all know a bit about ME 🙂 and do not feel like you have to read as I’m sure it will get a bit long-not normally me, but there’s a lot of letters to cover here so without further ado:


Ask me who I am and I will try to look inward to see

Beneath the surface so many things to tell you of

Chances are you already know from my words I spill

Delighted I am to try to unearth some more.

Elegia was one of my favorite songs, instrumental to soothe and inspire

Found solace with a broken heart to many more.

Grateful for the gifts I’ve been given, too many to count here

Happy to know Peace on many days

Idealist in form and a dreamer above all.

Just in case I lose my place, which happens more often than not,

Kim is my name and I live where the sun seems to suit my clothes and mind,

Love to write and spend time getting grounded

Maybe perhaps loves dogs a bit too much at times (smiles sheepishly)

Nocturnal no longer as age catches up, though I do love the moon and stars,

Open skies with clouds make me soar in my mind.

Particular with how I like things, de-cluttering being done of late-

Quests that I set aside often remain unfinished, working on that too.

Reality is just a word I take lightly, I’m a dreamer after all

So now you know what simmers below the surface, at least a bit.

Take heed with your words, for I leave mean people behind easily

Under their skins I know the spots never change,

Very forgiving for the most part, but don’t take advantage (see above)

When I need to escape, I’m quite the turtle at tucking in and swimming down deep.

Xtra sleep I find makes me tired, not enough makes me grumpy

Yes, I’m almost done, I think.

Zip is my alter-ego (dog of yesteryears) who still inspires infinitely.


So as you can see, I used the Alphabet and told you a little more about me. If you’d like to participate in this challenge, I’d love to see what you come up with, so please feel free to leave a link in the comments and I’ll stop on by and check yours out.