In the moment we face
the coming of consciousness
emerging from the dream
we sit quietly to listen
as the day awakens beyond walls,
content in our place
as we picture spaces of calm
filling our soul with a special peace,
we emerge to begin
in simple movement.
Each day a gift found
beneath a mind that whirled
like spinning tops in sleep,
we look to relax the frenzy,
to linger away in another time
where ripples move outward
pushing away the negative
and embracing the good things-
we touch the surface with thoughts
sending them to those in need,
and wrap our arms around
the self that rises
in the darkness of a dawn
that awaits the light
to see the brilliance
of a new day.

Calming photo found on internet. Happy Monday my friends, carry on with a grateful heart💕


Pursuit of pierogi

New skills enabled
as the motions step by step,
moving through the room with a sway
as music drifts along with the beat,
rhythm of the hands mixing
smooth and silky love
chilling in the box till done.
Pursuit of pierogi
breaths taken in the seconds between
the wait and the do,
surface prepared with care
and the poem fills this space
when the time comes to create
little bits of beauty I pray
and a meal for another day.

Trying my hand today at a new endeavor, cheese, potato and onion filled pierogi. I’ve been told how difficult they can be but I’m up for the challenge. Could be ugly but should be edible, will know tomorrow as ribs on tap for today, football after all. Go team!

Not my pierogi seen here but a previous happy one made by someone at a church. Hope mine smile too😊

Brushed in kindness

Colors move before my eyes
silky strands flowing through
brushed in kindness
the heart is covered,
as beautiful lines draw eyes
into the view.
Slipping into the vortex
as the mind travels lightly,
brightest memories carry the soul
to the words gleaned in the darkness
whisked into the mix
as a new day sun finds the hidden shadows
and as breath grows deeper,
each sense fine tunes to awareness
as the blend of life is created
in the seconds between space and time.
A kindness shines through
like a star shooting beyond view
hitting its mark
on the heart in need,
connected universe in swatches of color
we become the beauty we see within.