Memories of a moment

Small child sits upon a downed tree below a sign,

His sister sits beside him under a sleepy fall sun

And I drive by slowly watching beyond the glass.

A parent takes a photo,

A woman moves backwards,

Camera raised to catch the scene

And the boy looks up to the birds that fly

There on a dirt road.

Precious mountain it is called,

A place I’ve never been

Yet the image keeps returning to me,

The moment forever captured in a strangers memory keeping box

And I wonder if as the years pass by,

Will those children remember that very moment,

Will happy memories of a day in the warm morning

Come flooding back to bring joy.

I am here though in a separate place

Far from that gentle beauty of nature,

The snow falls around me

Showering down like asteroids in a game I recall,

I imagine my car as the blaster

Shooting particulate to dissipate these huge orbs

And they cover me and I watch alert

Remembering days of no school

But grown now and expected to be

In places that need to keep moving

And my car barrels through

As my mind drifts away

To that snapshot I had taken in time

Remembered so far away.

Thoughts on coming home from Florida a few months ago and a family taking photos, capturing memories….the snow races two inches an hour and to work I move, lost in thoughts of a yesterday.



You see an image,

There in the darkest recesses,

Conjured up and born of something.

A spark of insight

Perhaps from a dream remembered

And you add just a bit of your magic

And with hands that become greedy to begin,

To start now on the precious creation,

The pieces put together to become a part of who you are,

Or who you were if not noticed

Till long after you fly away.

But it will be passed around

And the thought will arise,

How neat, I wonder how they thought of it

And it really won’t matter because it will be here,

This mysterious wonderful thing,

Like stone horses reaching into the deepest sea

To drink the nectar of life,

To stir a quiet sense of inspiration

For bigger and better things,

And that’s is what makes something new,

Unseen before now

And what had been a speck in the mind

Now permanent in the mind

For as long as it can recall.

Look around, what is it that you see that no one else can, what can you call your own,

What can you share of the magic you hold,

Who will see it and smile in understanding and awe

Like a lightbulb moment of Wow…I wish I would have thought of that.

More errant thoughts running amok,

Drinking in the vibration

Waiting on the edge of the “ah, yes. There it is at long last.”


A funny thing


It happens,

Is happening right now,

Everywhere around us we move through

Perhaps searching for relief, calm, peace,

Whatever it is we spend the moments searching

And then we get tired.

Maybe because we didn’t find it.

Maybe because we were looking too hard,

Like seeing the forest for the trees

And we feel so low as we wonder some more,

Where is it, I had it a moment ago and now it’s gone

And so we give up, or keep searching

For something

For words,

For thoughts to stay in some kind of order,

To feel or be normal,

A strange word is that one, normal.

What is normal?

I ask myself that too and still don’t quite know how to answer it,

Except I ask,

I throw it out there and wonder in my tired mind state

And right when I am on the verge of giving up,

Walking away from the thought I lost,

I suddenly get a scent through my soul.

Yes a scent,

This one was almonds.

Now I love the smell of these sweet little nuts

And I stopped and thought to myself, what?

Surrounded with machines that belch oil

Like a kid after a bottle of rootbeer,

The machine oil, so unpleasant,

So far removed from anything that smells remotely good,

Yet it keeps finding me,

This calming almond smell

And I close my eyes and just let it settle over me like a happy cloud.

I never did find that thought

And I don’t think it could have been that important,

But what mattered was that I asked

And my answer was a lovely thing,

Yes, quite lovely indeed.

Yes, that was the thought.

Through the things that bring you unease and angst, there will always be a little insight,

Even a fragrance unexpected from out of the blue that tells you, just breathe.

It’s all gonna be alright.

The universe just told me so.

I just should have asked for cookies or something I think?
Thoughts from a very tired mind that keeps malfunctioning in strange ways today, just like my computer and everything I touch. One of those Strange days indeed. Now I shall sing some Lennon I believe….yeah….I shall do that.


On finding magic

Sleeping in unease

Tossing and turning like a wayward blowing leaf,

Searching the book of dreams for magic,

Flipping pages restlessly

Finding only emptiness in the dark.

Rising in the midnight hours

Snow whips untamed beyond the glass

Walking in half wake motion

Asking the skies for relief.

Thunder of ringing rockets the soul

Out of the depths of night to morning

And stumbling down in search of solace

Holding the book that had waited

For far, far too long.

I find you there,

Nestled between ads and the unnecessary,

Words of laughter and magic find me parched

And it fills the soul with water-like coolness

And I feel the smile within

Rising like a vibrant sun

That had been gone for too long.

Sweet parables of lost time,

And I see these and hold each one close to heart,

Lifting me higher into the realm of knowing

That a reminder was what was needed,

That to hold these words close in a cosmic hug

Brought me into the day

Balanced on a teeter-totter

Kicking my legs in glee,

Please, don’t let me down as I fly

Let us go higher into this moment,

To be alive like a child’s gleeful laughter,

Finding the magic once more.



I dreamt in motion

strands of thought leading from place to place

and I followed in quiet joy

as each adventure played out before me

a spectacular movie of wonder.

I dreamt of a face I once knew

beautifully broken and I knew I was strong

finally in control of the notion

It was not my place to put the pieces together,

that I had the distance to feel pity

and still walk away from the influence

That I refused to let pull me under.

Growing from roots deep in ground,

Each lesson like an inch of twig

reaching higher to the light,

stepping gracefully over each leaf,

Each new bump a reminder

to keep moving forward.

Infinitely manifested,

Each dream remembered like an old friend,

revisited to embrace lessons learned

and to give a quiet smile

and a boost of strength

to begin this day aware

that the sun awaits

a bloom.

I shall be borne soon.




A single drop

My world lies so deep

Caught within the moment

Of a trickle of movement

And slipping into

A single drop.

Life force flows endlessly

Flowing on a current of time and change

How at each turn we rearrange

Feeling the life within soothed

By each drop that falls upon

Weary shoulders and thoughts

Relaxed into a state of being.

I carry dreams in my canvas bag

Brought together like a special collection

Smooth stones worn by time,

Gathered here and there on the river side,

And I move like a fallen leaf 

Floating above on gentle ripples

Into the swift bubbling wave

I fall away from view

Yet remembered for the image

I once gave.

I hold in my hands these drops of life

Drinking with thirst each minute of existence

And even though sated,

greedily reach for more.

For the desert will beckon as I grow old

And this moisture loved and embraced

This single drop cherished

Carrying within infinity,

The blue of earth and sky

Spilling into itself

And recreated in abundance

Will sustain these dreams for eternity,

Within the single drop

I shall fall into parched soil,

To give life

Where needed.



I am the texture worn

Through trials and dreams

Thoughts and schemes

Just adding water

To blend myself into something

Whatever strikes the mood

I become curved and rounded

By the words I create and live

Adding and spackling the spaces

Where I feel the need to cover

The shadows in light.
We are a piece of a star that fell in the future 

or a speck of bone

From yesterday’s rib,

Fluid and not always observed

In the entirety of what we have yet to become,

Spinning round on this world

Where we are created from the same pieces

Of earth and stone ground down

Then adding more water

In the loving hands of the master

Become more and more of ourselves

Made beautiful and grand

Elegant pieces carved,

Yet always worth more when left

Unfired to be something new tomorrow,

A never ending stream of everything,

A piece of clay molded into our souls desire,

A piece of art worthy of museums,

Yet happier below blue skies

And rain that falls

Puddling us into

Yet a new self.


letters for the faithful

Sharing the love of an old school real letter from and beautiful woman. I’ve been following Tre for awhile now and her little dog always makes me smile…..respond to her post if you’re inspired and would love to receive a real piece of mail….I’m in😊

a cornered gurl...

Since I’m reading a book (If You Find This Letter… by Hannah Brencher) that is totally up my alley, I figured I’d take this opportunity to spread a little letter love. I admire the author in her quest to shower the world with written letters, thus strengthening those who felt weak at times by sending them something, a piece of her, that showed she truly cared. The first five people to like this post and respond with one word you’d like your letter to focus (anything under the sun, however, I do ask that you do not use any vulgar, sexual innuendoes, or risque words; please be mindful and think about what you’d like your letter to focus on) on will get real, live snail mail from yours truly.

1. How will this work?
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2. What else should I…

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Soul diving

Peering within the depths

The soul timid and shy sometimes,

Yet into the heart of the spots unseen

There rises a thought that finds an audience.

Like tipping off the bone of scalp

Into the cavities of machinery sublime,

A word or phrase rises like bubbles

Seeking to be free

To float in a peace of the sky,

Untethered and drifting at will.

There is no right or wrong

Blushes reach the face as dawning prods the brain,

Everything of the body and soul

Alive and beating and churning out ever more

Of ideas and dreams

Thoughts once unseen,

Come busting through the door of self

Like the cowboy saloon swinging wood on hinges

Back and forth and creaking loudly

The entrance made says

Yeah, this is so right you see

And then slips as quickly away like a tumbleweed

Rolling down the dirt road in search

For the next adventure.

Just a thought on random thoughts that bubble up to the surface and then as quickly after the challenge of a showdown, retreat again into the horizon…move along little doggy…..back to work.😊



Morning for night

Minutes for seconds

Thoughts move in and out

Riding rails of memories

On tracks into space.

Rain for snow

Blanketed crystals that draw me in

The swirling movement below neon light

Melting on Windows warm.

Exchanging words for a glimpse

Into the heart of each minute

Lived by the soul who barters,

The happy from sad

The good through the bad

Emerging in color where white slate sits

The world and skies filled

Clouds for blue

Where energy moves through

Exchanging this for that

Then back once more

Ever changing


These thoughts and words

Into life.

Thoughts this morning as a gentle snow falls, turning the world white, yet upon falling to rest on a window, turns to water that slips quietly away into the crevices , not as beautiful as the soft crystals, yet still noticed. As morning comes, leaving night behind, welcome to another day.