Fire on the mountain

The embers danced on wind whipped skies,
frenzied dervish of firefly light
sparkling orange diamonds on air,
they say the spirits bless their hallowed ground,
death and decay give way
to newness that will rise from ash,
small shoots below hazy clouds
where prairies greet the steps
of mountains so high,
shadowed as night falls
to begin a rebirth once more .

A quick piece I created yesterday, reminding me of our out West trip when there was a fire somewhere on the mountain in Utah. The hazy skies and yellow haze present on the mirror of a motorcycle, moving through space and time long ago.

Sacred space

Time passes
sand dripping down shining
as we fly in the creative sky
on lost wings found
gathered and held
in a place of peace.
Carved pony watches silently
soft and smooth
encouraging to dream
as purple blue crystal
glitters in her silver finery
always looking behind.
Golden Ganesh gazes knowingly
as the bones of whales
cradles the salt of the mighty sea,
found by me
with the golden stone
which makes me smile.
White sea something
but beautiful in its way
and the quartz from a far away garden
in years before I knew
that writing was the key.
Watercolor skies and seas
the little things
that speak to me
in this blue room sacred space,
my bliss lies here
as I gaze
at a writers muse.

Just a glimpse at the top of my desk in my blue writing room. Company comes tomorrow and I will have to put it away from little hands. The watercolor is my latest piece, came out a bit odd with the panoramic view of the camera. Just a glimpse into my writing world. Peace and blessings, K

Pieces of mind

The stars that fell from the skies
Living upon the hill of my mind,
meandering through,
no purpose in the practice
just to let it be
moving through color
little here and there
images I see somewhere within
falling in drops on paper.
Not the best
not the worst
been so long since I’ve been here
sunlight beyond
and the solitary whispers call
to let it be.
Feels so very good
a lazy day to set free
words and paint and just a little
piece of the mind layed down
takng shape and form
when enough is enough
for now
there will come later
additions and subtractions
of just tuck it away in the stack
of moments spent here,
glass table and waterdrops
and sunlight to keep company,
stand up and walk away
to other needs and tasks,
knowing I will return
to the moon on the hills
searching for the stars that fell
somewhere beyond space and time.

Finally carving out a few hours to practice my watercolors, not the best but just a reminder that practice will bring more talent. Hubbys birthday today finds him out fishing at the jetty, dinner out tonight and time for me to play with my paints too, priceless indeed. The song “please come to Boston” was in my head when I concocted this piece….still looking for the stars, how typical for me, hmmm?
peace and blessings and happy hump day, and a happy birthday to my love💜🎨🌠🌌