A to Z of me-slight poetic? form

I was chosen by Ivy to take part in the A to Z of me fun, as it is a new year, I don’t do awards but figured why not partake and let you all know a bit about ME 🙂 and do not feel like you have to read as I’m sure it will get a bit long-not normally me, but there’s a lot of letters to cover here so without further ado:


Ask me who I am and I will try to look inward to see

Beneath the surface so many things to tell you of

Chances are you already know from my words I spill

Delighted I am to try to unearth some more.

Elegia was one of my favorite songs, instrumental to soothe and inspire

Found solace with a broken heart to many more.

Grateful for the gifts I’ve been given, too many to count here

Happy to know Peace on many days

Idealist in form and a dreamer above all.

Just in case I lose my place, which happens more often than not,

Kim is my name and I live where the sun seems to suit my clothes and mind,

Love to write and spend time getting grounded

Maybe perhaps loves dogs a bit too much at times (smiles sheepishly)

Nocturnal no longer as age catches up, though I do love the moon and stars,

Open skies with clouds make me soar in my mind.

Particular with how I like things, de-cluttering being done of late-

Quests that I set aside often remain unfinished, working on that too.

Reality is just a word I take lightly, I’m a dreamer after all

So now you know what simmers below the surface, at least a bit.

Take heed with your words, for I leave mean people behind easily

Under their skins I know the spots never change,

Very forgiving for the most part, but don’t take advantage (see above)

When I need to escape, I’m quite the turtle at tucking in and swimming down deep.

Xtra sleep I find makes me tired, not enough makes me grumpy

Yes, I’m almost done, I think.

Zip is my alter-ego (dog of yesteryears) who still inspires infinitely.


So as you can see, I used the Alphabet and told you a little more about me. If you’d like to participate in this challenge, I’d love to see what you come up with, so please feel free to leave a link in the comments and I’ll stop on by and check yours out.



Summer of Love-Gold #writephoto (Thursday photo prompt)

I remember nervously twirling the frail gold bracelet around in circles on my arm. I hadn’t worn it in quite some time, feeling awkward having moved on with my young life when he had left that hot summer day, but as I ran up the stairs with this latest letter, I put it back on once more with shaking hands. My arm would turn a bit green below it but I decided I owed him at least that much.

The last time I had seen Adam was months ago behind the skating rink. It had been a warm balmy summer evening and the sun was setting in the distant sky as I gazed over his shoulder. He was leaving for the Navy and wouldn’t be back for many months but my tears continued to fall. I knew when he left, it was going to be forever, I don’t know why, I just did. He held me with tears in his eyes, promising me he’d write often, or as often as he could between training and the unknown expectations, he had been so excited but now, not so much. I told him I’d wait, I was sixteen and thought he was my world but somewhere inside me I felt the familiar fear that often surfaced. He was eighteen and had just graduated in June, a beautiful blonde boy with the anchor tattoo he had gotten in anticipation for his upcoming enlistment, still looking a bit raw and red and bumpy, as I traced my finger over it lightly, I told him it would be ok, that I’d be here and that I wasn’t going anywhere so told him to just write when he could. He smiled then and just held me as the gold sun slipped down over the horizon.

The letter was dated seven weeks ago, was a bit ragged as if it had been lost somewhere in the bowels of a post office in a far away country, but I knew he had never made it to the gulf, to any war for that matter. Adam had died in a car accident three weeks ago on a weekend leave. His Mom Beth had called to let me know what had happened and his obituary had been in the paper for days, local boy gone, and my soul didn’t feel anything except for an emptiness, because I had always known he wasn’t coming back, had always known. Beth had told me softly through tears over the phone the details about what had happened. Adam died driving down a long narrow road in Virginia on his way to celebrate with Tiffany’s family, his cassette deck playing the mix tape that I had made for him for Christmas the year before, and that his car had swerved for some unknown reason as the sun shone down on the curve, blinding him. The car overturned on the soft sandy edge of the road, the song Gold Dust Woman blaring through his cars speakers when the police arrived. The local blonde beauty queen with the shiny new engagement ring who had sat beside him was thrown from the car and was pronounced dead on scene and Adam died on route to the hospital.

I read the letter, feeling calm as his words filled me. I realized he suddenly seemed so grown up, someone I no longer really knew. He apologized for falling in love with someone else but letting me go as tenderly as he could, he didn’t want me to be angry, that I should move on with my life, always Adam to the end. I undid the clasp on the bracelet and let it fall to my lap, folded the letter and tucked it back in the ripped envelope, leaned over and looked out the window at the cold snow falling beyond. Somewhere in my head a song started playing, Gold dust woman and I quietly sang along.

“Well did she make you cry
Make you break down
Shatter your illusions of love
And is it over now, do you know how
Pickup the pieces and go home.” Fleetwood Mac Gold Dust Woman

This is my piece for the Sue Vincent Thursday #writephoto challenge-Gold

Thursday photo prompt – Gold #writephoto



They linger in memories

Old days long gone yet still here

Gathering in my mind

Each day that passes by

Two entities breeds apart

Here always side by side

Enriched lives we lived

Remembering with love.

Our prompt today was today was to do an acrostic and my subject matter for friends was our dog Zip (why I’m known as Infinite Zip for you new comers) and his buddy Meep (aka Fat Squishy cat). Both our fur babies are no longer with us but I like to hope they are somewhere together, just hangin’ out and having a good time like the old days.


Lingering light

Our lives flicker in the lightest winds

like candles perched on water

moving with the tides,

We glow on darkest nights beneath

the moon above that aches to be full,

we sit quietly in the moment

watching as time slips past

and the wick falls below the place

where it can hold ground,

a dying sound as it fades away

and we are left with only the beam

of the orb at night

grand white circle moving slow

as we too grow weary,

making our way to the comfort of sleep

dreaming of tomorrow

and a thought of eagerness to see

a full sight of the universe.


This is for the Daily posts prompt candle. I haven’t done these in a while and thought I’d jump in again and attempt some prompted poems. Hope you enjoy.


First Voice

Michael over at the poetry channel had challenged me a little bit ago to come up with some spoken word poetry. Sooooo…this is my first stab and don’t know if it’s gonna be any good, please give me your feedback. I crept into the blue room one night as all these poetic words were swirling into my head and I quietly spoke into my MP3 recorder and this is what came out. Of course, forgetting most of what was in my head a few minutes prior.

In the future, if it passes muster, I will hone my skills and be a bit more creative. If it is horrid, I’m not sorry, but it was indeed a fun experience and in time, I hope to be up to the standards of my pal Tre and Michael. Peace blessings and by all means, fire away….I am ready, I think? I chose Woodstock as he followed me home yesterday and he seems like a happy fellow….what more can be inspiring? Ok….now to hit publish….so scary….argh!

The Gate #writephoto

Day after day she walks through these stone walls.

Her portal to the past,

her home forever,

as the cold stone has gone green and mildewed from the hundred years past,

she has watched the changes,

met the others and found her place.

She knows these gates by heart,

the smooth feel of the metal against her hands

and the memory of the first night she had come.

The moon was hanging so high above in its penumbral state

watching her like a silent eye above,

mocking in its glistening way

as she moved through the mist

knowing she would return

time and time again.

For she was a piece of this puzzle,

as she realized this, iciness of doom sent a shiver through to her soul

and as she saw the hole standing and waiting before her

she knew there was no turning back.

In the coming of the day the sun peers through,

shadows cast long by the bars of the gate

leaving a prison sense to the headstone in view,

the words worn smooth by her ghostly hands that caress it,

her name barely discernible to those who wonder as they walk by,

who was this young girl,

for only numbers of years remain

gone too soon they shake their heads,

walking away on their passage to the next stop.

She watches regardless,

content in knowing she will not be seen

for she is now the keeper of the gate

for her eternity.

Join in the fun and stop in to see Sue (see link below) for the directions and run with it from there. This is my submission this week.

Thursday photo prompt – Gate – #writephoto

100 word story challenge

T. Wayne over at A joyful process invited me to take part in a challenge to write a 100 word story and although my mind is still moving into awake mode, I think I managed to do okay. The challenge has rules of course, and with the 100 words you can go over by no more than 10 words. You can nominate who you wish but I think you should at least pick three to make it fun. 

I wrote this as a letter to friends, all who reside in this blogger space and one up in the stars. The gift of friendship is a pure and joyful experience, one I didn’t have as a child or young adult, not in any true sense but the way we reach out to others here, in this place, and the gifts of beauty and words of support can make a heart soar when it sometimes forgets that it is not alone in this world. I value the friendships forged and this is a letter to everyone and no one…but you know who you all are.

Here is my 100 word story/letter.

We were at times sitting in the darkness of this world alone. Why you left I don’t know. A life burned into ashes, moving on the wind. I could not reach you, in darkness I could not see you and that was so empty a feeling. Your words like the wind, blew back to find me, with life and hope I knew that a friend even in absence was still there, out in space watching, waiting and like a gift from the stars, you’ve returned to shine your special light, reminding me it was ok, to dream and live fully. 

I received a beautiful quote this morning from a friend and it touched me so deeply that I needed to include it here, to share with the world this special gift.

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

― Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Thanks to T, check out the original post here :

The 100-Word Story Challenge

My nominees are:



If you want to take part and aren’t listed here, you are of course welcome to join in the fun. Here is to friendship, and thank you for being a part of my journey.

Peace and love


A holiday celebration…..date Tuesday

I have found so many new and wonderful blogs recently, wondering to myself, where have you been hiding all of this time. So much inspiration and I realized alot of it is from meet and greets. 

I am just so thankful for everything these days and would like to repay the kindness and in the process, give you a chance to meet some new friends. Tomorrow I am throwing a party of sorts but there is a specific theme to the party. Thankfulness. Now I couldn’t just make it for Thanksgiving as not everyone reading here is from America and I wanted everyone to feel included.

So what you need to do if you want to come to the party, is write a blog about a memory of Thanksgiving or a certain thing that you are thankful for. Leave a link in the comments section and I will pick four random posts or more to reblog through the holiday season. There is so much talent out there and whether it be photos or writing, it doesn’t matter and make sure you check everyone else out while you are there. I ask that as a family friendly blog you keep it clean. Any naked girls/boys will be deleted….after all, I have little ones who read (not mine of course) but they are out there.

So what I am most thankful for/happy memory of Thanksgiving:

As a child we were always bundled up into the family car and trecked over to my Grandparents house. Now my grandmother was a cook and it was always fun to see the big picture window completely steamed up as you knew there was some good things brewing inside. The house would feel like a steambath from the kettles of mashed potatoes and the turkey nestled in the oven. I always liked to sit underneath the table at the grownups legs and listen to them talk, pretending they couldn’t see me.

Now I realize I am far from invisible but they played along. We had to eat at the little kids table when it was time for supper and as we got older, we were teenagers sitting still at the little kids table. I only cared about the pumpkin pie and had fun hanging with my cousins, feeding the dog under the table the things we didn’t like, and I think by the time dinner was over, the poor dog could barely move.  Although I don’t think he ate the lima beans, those we threw in the fireplace…no one used it and I wondered how long it took grandma while cleaning to realize the stashes of food hidden in the back behind the fire grate?

It has been many years, my Grandparents long since gone and the cousins now off married with kids or dogs of their own. We don’t do the big family events anymore and now for the world I think Black Friday has taken over the joy of family times. I am Thankful for those memories and of course for the pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream. So Mom, if you’re reading this, please send over a slice or two, or three, hell, just send over the whole thing. I promise to clean my plate.
Okay peeps, your turn, let me and the world know your favorite story, memory or just what you are Thankful for. Posts will begin to be reblogged Tuesday 11-24-15 just in time for the long holiday weekend (or at least it is for me) I am soooo excited and can’t wait to read your lovely stories and see any photos too.


3 Day 3 quote wrap up…special guest award too

Well, I thought I was done here and then I was artfully taunted with an award by one of my first nominees and he was just so green (not with envy) and he is a blogger who has been with me since the beginning I knew I just had to have one more go on his behalf. And to be able to claim my superhero award of course. Sorry my friend, you can’t have it back….I’m keeping him.

Who is he? you may ask? welllllll, a quirky fellow who at first I didn’t know what to do with. But I kept on popping in and he would pop in and he has this lovely green stuffed frog, now how can you not love fuzzy reptiles I ask. So he in my eyes is a superhero. Guess what the award is? Yep, a superhero award. Now if you want your own, you have to stop in and admit to your special power and he may bestow it upon your superhero self. Now isn’t that just way cool? He’s from Canada, so I guess that makes him way cool too (at least 10 months out of the year). So without further ado and most likely topped with maple syrup….

His three quotes are as follows:

1.)  ‘You can lead a horse to water, but if you take him to a bar, he’ll tell you everything!’ – spartacus2030

2.) ‘A convincing argument is not proof of correctness’ – spartacus2030
3.) ‘No expectations,no disappointments’ – Author unknown
His nominees are as folows:

Here are his three nominees:
1.) https://herladypinkrose.wordpress.com/2015/11/14/may-all-hearts/
2.) https://mysketchbookproject.wordpress.com/
3.) https://lemanshots.wordpress.com/
You can find my friend Spartacus and possibly claim your very own superhero award here:


He is a master at computer language, cool things to do, etc….I don’t know why we get along because I really think I need to take a master class in cut/copy and paste….and still I’d call IT first. Stop in and say Hi and check out his three nominees. 

3 day 3 quote challenge-finale

T.Wayne invited me to take the challenge and now this is my final day…perhaps I should celebrate….so to start, here is a favorite quote that I found of all places on a 45$ bottle of wine. Now I’ve never met a grape I didn’t like and this bottle was amazing but I think that like many moments in life, specialness is where you want to find it and I found mine on the side of a lovely bottle with a wolf on it. The quote is here:

  1. Hillside vineyard

“I ride over my beautiful ranch. Between my legs is a beautiful horse. The air is wine.

The grapes on a score of rolling hills are red with autumn flame.

Across Sonoma mountain, wisps of sea fog are stealing. The afternoon sun smoldered in the drowsy sky. I have everything to make me glad I am alive….”

Jack London 

Now damn, that is a beautiful piece of writing. Simple yet sets the mood as if you were mounted upon your steed-a fine Arabian stallion perhaps? To see the fields and colors through his eyes, now that is a bottle I will never forget. I want to be there in that moment, riding beside Jack London, experiencing everything as he saw it.

I am not selecting three bloggers as the rules say, but to anyone who wishes to join, the floor is yours my friends, just select three quotes in three days and nominate three bloggers to the challenge….my bad, I hate putting others on the spot. 

This photo resembles the mountains minus the vineyards that I think would be the view….I love it and thought you would enjoy.