Food haiku (pizza)

Large slice of comfort
elegantly dressed for me
a toast to pizza.

Hot melted cheese runs
chasing hunger to despair
deliver it please.

Round orb of delight
pepperoni and cheese please
get it here pronto.

I am always blessed
this pie that I love the best
happy meal of joy.

Taste buds will quiver
anticipation finds me
tomorrow too, please?

As I waited

You hung in silence
My crescent companion
A slight tilt
Like a remembered smile
You watched my so quietly
As I waited
For the morning to come.
You illuminated my sleep
While I lay dreaming
I awoke to find you full
Overflowing with words
Shouting out loud
Come to me.
Time found me waiting
As darkness covered my skies
And I could not find you
As you were on your journey
I knew you’d come back to me
As that is how it must be
And I sat waiting once more
Just for a chance
To say hello.
My silly moon,
So vain and bright
Your robe of stars to adorn you,
How I love to see you slip in silently
When I sense you there
I look up to find you laughing it seems
At the smile you find
Decorating my image
So very happy
Hello again friend.

The lair of words

The hall opens
fireside light to see
ancient books
sit a spell beneath the guard
of fire who watches
who sees all who enter to disturb
the moving mind in wonder.
The chair high back
to lean upon
page turns one by one
filling the mind with illusion
found nowhere else
but in this hidden lair.
The mystery weaves itself
to find the cave
of the comfort zone
to hold the map and know
this is the right way to go,
to sit a spell and lose yourself
to the ageless sage advice
in the dusty library walls
stacks upon stacks
no one comes round here too much
but leave it all behind when you go
just taking memories along
to ponder in the light,
tomorrow to return
to take in some more.