Being green (haiku)

Snip snip goes the blades
natures haircut happens here
shorn and perfect grass.

Down into the ditch
muscles on fire from work
football waits on screen.

Complete before heat
the lizard runs for its life
swamp body, she smiles.

The morning spent trying to scoop out food that was supposed to go to a stray cat but ended up being washed/demolished into the pool by a raccoon? Mowing the lawn to help the neighbor and me and hubby got it done lackey split. A fun haiku for a Sunday afternoon, multitasking as my team streams on XM radio for our “hopeful” pleasure.

Paradise (haiku)

Secondary shades
orange and purple reaching
points of beauty found.

Place of solitude
hides below banyan tree root
garden of the soul.

Precious sunlight gifts
illuminate the rainbow
I slip into bliss.

Photo taken at Edison Ford winter estates- a bird of paradise basking in the sun that was found reaching through the huge banyan tree, the largest in the states.

The portal (multi-haiku)

(A brief explanation behind the hodgepodge of these haikus. I gave myself 15 minutes to write them with no editing, the third and fourth are based upon a dream I had the night before) the fifth was dinner the first and the rest just happened.)

Ooooh, I got a text…
never the same as hearing
your voice beside me.

Thoughtful things given
to the soul means so, so much
I’d rather have you.

Beauty stalks the beast-
faces in dreams amuse me-
but she’s still not you.

Her lips graze my hair
I turn to search for my love
your eyes on her prize.

Happy family
Chinese in a smiling bag
biscuits for the dogs.

Blue water waits
weary in humidity
bliss of chlorine life.

Happiness in eyes
voice across the miles heard
pleasure in friendships.