The portal (multi-haiku)

(A brief explanation behind the hodgepodge of these haikus. I gave myself 15 minutes to write them with no editing, the third and fourth are based upon a dream I had the night before) the fifth was dinner the first and the rest just happened.)

Ooooh, I got a text…
never the same as hearing
your voice beside me.

Thoughtful things given
to the soul means so, so much
I’d rather have you.

Beauty stalks the beast-
faces in dreams amuse me-
but she’s still not you.

Her lips graze my hair
I turn to search for my love
your eyes on her prize.

Happy family
Chinese in a smiling bag
biscuits for the dogs.

Blue water waits
weary in humidity
bliss of chlorine life.

Happiness in eyes
voice across the miles heard
pleasure in friendships.