Forward motion

Step by eager step
we move through the stages,
emotion guides if we allow
so best to slip the burden aside
and deal with a lighter load with ease,
forward motion to the next space.
Our thoughts hang like webs
sticky and unnecessary
as we search for the predator
fearful of what we cannot see
yet trusting in the guidance
of the higher realm who serves
in the kindest air of love.
Change taking place
as we follow the light before us,
knowing in the end
it is everything yet nothing
and the reminder that waits in the road,
the lost penny of knowing
we bend to pluck up the charm
and smile at the find,
gazing in the distance to see
mountains of change waiting patiently
and words that breathe life
into the dust we’ve become,
rubbing off the crust and dirt
to shine once more.
Heads up we keep taking steps,
climbing the mountains
and upon arrival
find we’ve been here before,
just having let the memory slip away
we laugh like children
feeling the freedom
of knowing and release.