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Good morning, afternoon, depending on where you are. I have been burning the midnight oil writing books these days, in between my day job. Finding one’s passion is a good thing, and I am learning so much in this endeavor.

My ebook, A Timeless Tale ebook is being offered for FREE for Kindle From now until the 19th of November. If you are interested, check it out. It was unexpected, as when I tried to run the promotion, the beast that is Amazon said no. Surprise, surprise, today I went on and found my promotion in full swing. My author name is K.L.Laettner, so you can find it on my author page, or it is listed on the Free Kindle promotions page.

I hope to be back writing here soon, I miss you all. Peace, love, and blessings. Infinite Zip a.k.a. K.L.Laettner author


Free Ebook

As written

I grew
leaps and bounds
when I found within the spaces
the history of love
written in the stars.
I stood tall
as thoughts painted the walls
and found the crack
that let the light in
to make shadows that dance
like flowers in endless fields.
I knew
when I fell into the truth
like ripples that moved me far
down in to the stream of consciousness
that became more than nothingness.
I became whole
in the rain showers that fell
washing away the haze of yesterday
and stood against the sky like a star
in the company of millions
shining so very bright.
I felt the flow of unity
carrying me away in a heartbeat,
strong and solid
like a rhythm heard
in the darkest nights,
where we became
the twinkling light.
I am and it is enough
to give me peace
in the times needed,
I am a seed moving on winds
planting a path
to the edge of forever.

Painted Life

The world, our canvas
Is as clear as it could ever be
Impromptu strokes, beyond stoked
For the surprise,I am yet to see.

Follow the scene of my soul,
lighter moments of color
Paint the scene of my mind
Keeping pace with the road ahead
As steps move us forward,
In places where anything goes.

Lo and behold
Paintbrush bristles, kiss the poetic palate
Imprinting our souls and what they see;
A persistent light in the unrelenting darkness
Painting pictures with words that appraise
What the rest of the world
Would not hesitate taking for granted.

I follow my bliss with a like-minded soul
traveling into the paradise of beauty
and I know you will follow me to the end of days,
in this moment we shall walk together
basking in the creation we become
upon this canvas of a place called life
treading lightly into the miracle of now.

Michael from over at Original Dante and I have been working on another collaboration that we were finally able to wrap up with our busy schedules. Michael had sent me a few images and this is the one that spoke to me most. In hindsight, I look at that artwork now and it reminds me of my missing cat, as she would sometimes greet me in the road like a long lost friend. Beautiful memories remembered and a wonderful chance once more to get together with Michael.
You can find my friend and fellow poet Michael here: