By the sea

Time spent in ease
a dabble of this and that
as the minutes move past.
Brush strokes in the silence of the room
a drop here and a drop there
watered down to hue
applied aimlessly.
Experiment in changing tones,
the only way to learn
the science of blending
a creation of whimsy,
never knowing what will rise
when the last stroke moves.
The grey day sits beyond
my view of a dreary yet loved day,
walks and time spent
doing whatever strikes the fancy
and some new pieces to tuck away
as I begin again.

My last day off before back to work tomorrow. Writing done, painting practice done, and two walks in. (one with the nitwits and one without) Life is good. Still working on the skills as you can see, but having fun and that’s what counts, right?

Mountain storm and By the Sea… me πŸ™‚

Dantes’ Mountain

Skies linger over cloud conversations
whispered from the edges
out of view of the setting sun
hanging on for just a moment,
balanced on tips of rock
ready and waiting
for the falling over
into the abyss.
Guiding stars wait patiently
for the tired journeyman dallying
eager to touch his feet
on the doorstep of home,
yet entranced by the beauty of now,
he watches the moments pass
and light dances for seconds for his delight
steady step as darkness draws nigh
he moves to the pace
of his deepest breath.
Eyes gaze into the heavens
as he questions the folly of his quest,
empty-handed yet a mind filled to overflowing,
memories gathered here and there
on moments when strangers passed,
his solitary walk nearing the end
and his passion for tales spinning in his mind,
he is coming home
to his peace.

Spent a little time today tampering with my watercolors and came up with this piece. I call it Dantes’ Mountain. A peace filled day off before a new week starts, and a day of snacks to come and some football (go team!) hopefully not as bad a game as last week (go away team was yelled more than once). Peace and love and a blessed Sunday to all ❀

We all shine on

Waiting in the wings
flickers of moonlight fill the mood
overflowing buckets of stars falling
shining on like diamonds
we wonder why
grounded on sand
how can we be
as bright as thee.
Twinkling silver dots the sky
whispers of the wind slip by
calling us to higher things
knowing the gifts this life always brings,
we stand together in darker days
time moving in its wondrous way
we cling to the wishes
granted by stars
aware of who and why we are
drifting through space
the human race
to share the love
is all it takes.

A poem for all of my blogger friends, Sheldon who asked for more art particularly, a rhyming bit for the G man, hope and love to gift to E and more,
so many to name but if you’re reading, know you are included. We all shine on….always.
Artwork created with watercolors, swarovski crystals (the stars) and OPI nailpolish (My voice is a little Norse) color an hour ago ❀ and unfortunately, my camera did not do the colors justice, moon is a shade of crimson mixed with a whole bunch of others I don't remember πŸ™‚ that's how I roll πŸ™‚