Needing a gift
To give to myself
A present of presence
A peace of mind.
Times get so crazy
Rushing and bustle
So much with so little time
Focus oft denied.
To stop in place
To see the silver sliver of moon
A sideways smile speaking
Remember me?
A gentle bow to recognize
I see in the darkness the light
Slowly rising in this winter chill
I breathe softly and am here.
Days of seasons move swift
To take the time to ponder
To be present in this moment
The right here and now
To give peace to fuel the energy
Of this weary soul.

I have not been posting much lately. Life has been a whirlwind of the dream house quickly coming to fruition, the holidays, and the day to day job. Will be looking forward to nine days off and plan to get back to my present and let loose the words swirling about my mind and I thank you for your patience and have a beautiful day in the present. Kim