Billowing in

Undulating thoughts
seasoned by the light cascading
rippled effects like tissue
capturing the darkness
and whisking it away into
its magnificent and invisible self.
We gather by the edges where
the rays of goodness labor away
in unity they descend upon
the latent thoughts of the masses
shrouding in beauty
gentle they come.
In empty rooms of the mind
banished of everything,
errant thoughts
and the worthless words unspoken yet still
hanging tenaciously on,
echoing in the chamber of restless minds,
we whisper with the breeze,
billowing in the centered calm
as we sit in repose waiting
for the descending day to find us
breathing softly,
and energy rolls like waves unseen
yet felt,
and welcomed.
Silk moves like heaven
soft as feathers found on sacred ground,
tipped in darkness,
contrasted to the absolute
of the shade that encompasses all.