Moving into empty spaces
the cavity deepened
by weight given grace
hollowed thoughts poured like water
drop by drop
into the chasm.
Red skies delight the coming storm
of peace and solitude
of a morning born,
words spin in essence gathering steam
falling forward in paper form,
as eyes reach up to waking zone
fresh ideas swirl
like a summer breeze.
Friend of forever
the idle voice moves through
reaching in to the void,
like coming home to gaze at sweet eyes
happy to be back
once more.

Good morning friends, been busy with the book thing and work schedule heavier than anticipated, all is good and book sales going well. I’ve started a new novel and loving the process as I learn new tricks. Peace and blessings, Kim

15 thoughts on “Stepping

  1. Yep, and have approx 38k words so far. I love this kind of writing and book sales on Amazon are doing great. Such fun😊💜and looking forward to some days off to keep motoring on😊

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  2. like the bundle of thoughts that run around your head, you get caught in a corner of the mind, the thoughts are heavy, then you hear the voice of a friend, and you relax, it’s just a moment you have had, best of luck with the book, blessings

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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