Shall I?

Spin words based on images
Of magic and illusion
Of lost moments spent
In independence
As rockets glare against night skies
Where Venus and Jupiter linger
As two?
Shall I weave cloth spun from fabric
Of meshed threads entwined
Built stronger when together
And shall I find photographs
Through memories of events
Of family
Of togetherness
Of yesterday’s now gone
And I shall write a word or two
As eyes drift into thought
At all that is
And of all that will be,
And I stand here against the blue skies
As flags unfurl to the majesty
That crumbles daily
And I hold a candle not yet sold
To this day
This hour
And this minute wondering
What is it all for?
And I will leave the page in a blank state
To be filled at a later date
When I return and find myself
And not so alone
In the big picture of it all
And I no longer have to wonder
Where is the peace to be found?