Venus collides

Between words
And circumstance
The Lightning folds within
Power of destruction,
Seemingly close
Yet so very far away
Stars align to form
The abyss of emptiness.
Caught between
As meteors collide,
Lights illuminate
The silky summer skies
And I stand witness
To disruption
As the hourglass trickles
And time runs out
I stand accused
Of nothing
But thoughts unbecoming
Of a soul caught
In your quagmire
Of disruption.


More words
Wreaking havoc
With a heart adrift.

Regaled worth
I cannot say
Beyond the margins firmed.

Thoughts blown,
I cannot help
This overloaded circuit
Like broken fuses meld.

Make it
Take it back
To yesterday again
Whole, complete start now.

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Little time to write this week….continuing on…..

A heart alive so near to me
A voice from an ocean adrift
Bobbing like bottles
Needing to read
The note within
Meant for me
To set me back
In subtle sanity
Between the anchors
I have no home
And quite alone.
I hear your voice
Miles stretch
Yet it is not you
Just the man behind the curtain
Who leads astray
And I am not blind
Pretending to be that way
If that is what
It takes the truth
Defined by love
Oh pity the fool
Thinking otherwise
The drama reigns
The actors on stage
I take a bow….
And walk away.
Exit stage right…..enter storm…..(applause)

Light thoughts

At night the fireflies come
Waking me from slumber
Cocooned in cotton
As I dreamt of snows that fall
Under the white orb in the distance
Leaving me in thoughts of how
With skies filled with little flakes
So light as they touch down
Can I still see the silver moon.
Flashes of Crystal
Tiny lights meld into a world
Filled with images
Of faerie and scattered speckles
Of a flashing light that calls
Come out to play.
I awoke to find the rain
Slipping down panes in rivers
And I knew I had a dream
As snow was not to be on sultry June nights
And I was happy to see the storm
Carry away my mind to new places
As I felt the warm winds blow from the south
Knowing summer was soon to arrive
Chasing the winter white away
Except for in
Places of dreams.

What lies below

Flowers adorn this old well
Worn by age and circumstance
Weathered and forgotten
I watch your simplicity
As I wash these dishes,
Beyond the window my nature display
And I know below
The hard fading paint
The gifts you bring forth
With a simple push and pull
The workings plumb the depths
Of the cavernous world
Where water lays.
Yet here I rely on the easy
A pretty handle to bring forth
Making colored bubbles from soap
As the sunlight pours in
And I go about my task
Lost in reveries
Of all that lies below
From thoughts to dreams
Wishes and needs
As the water runs through my fingers
And the gentle flowers blow
In the quiet whisper of wind
And the old pump just waits
To be used once more.

Dream ceilings

Oh sweet skies above
Dappled with clouds moving
Running like a painted pony
Across the blue.
Hues of dreams held in memory
Hovering like the ceiling
Cosmic stars like stickers
Glowing above a child’s head
Lulled to sleep with visions
Of new worlds.
Swirling like a storm
Rushing here and there
No balance in these thoughts
Of semi-sleepless night
Filled with illusions of hodge-podge dreams
As the restless mind travels
Like a wanderer with no home.
Third eye temporarily blinded
As the inmate runs amok
Creating chaos under skies
Trapped for the moment
Below a universe gone mad.

After suffering an injury last night to my forehead, found myself in a sleep filled with non stop dream thoughts that left my mind feeling quite chaotic. On a beautiful cool night for sleep, I wake to slightly throbbing head and confusion to wonder what the heck those dreams meant. I am usually quite clear in my sleeping thoughts but this was pure chaos….hope tonight fares a bit better.

Electric sky dance

Ms nature is laughing
Queen of the party
Strobe lights flashing
Like the glint of eyes
From a mad man.
Thunderous applause fills
Rooms of darkness
Three a.m and the skies are alive
Flashing strobes blinding
This dance of wee morning hours
And we are invited to the show
Unexpectedly as the wind blows
Like the screech of the banshee
Whipping shades
Slashing rain
And little dog moves closer
Seemingly afraid
Of the electric sky boogie.
Leisurely I lay watching
As the life of white smothers the atmosphere
Flashing never-ending
And the dance of rising
Cannot be set aside
And I move through halls
Hands touching walls
Eyes adjust to the inner darkness
Of places untouched
By the party at hand
As coffee scents the air
I stand out under the porch
And watch the morning concert.

Thoughts on waking during a non-stop lightning and thunder-storm. What a beautiful spectacle at the middle of night point when I should have been sleeping, instead I stand out to bear witness to this spectacular light show.

Let go

Pieces and bits of a memory

Dusty boxes emptied of treasures

Gathered along the way in this life

A journey of this and that

For sale.

Tables filled with things,

Just some of a life held

Letting go to a new home

Stickered with thought

What worth?

Childhood toys and a book or a hundred

Shared now with the cars

If I build it they will come

Sign says today

Come receive.

Emptied lofts of all but a few

Hanging cobwebs disturbed

As light peers through cracks

Un encumbered by things

That are set free

To move about

Somewhere else

Just not here


Thoughts as I unbox years of “things” to downsize before moving. Freedom and letting go feels kind of good in a bittersweet way.

Simple bounty

Sun rises sleepily
The trees dusted in mist,
Glistening grass leaves shoes damp
Plucking the sweetness
This bounty of life.
Birds fill the ears
Cacophony of sound drowning out
The breeze that blows
Dancing berries
Touching tongue
Leaving a smile
In their wake.
The hounds nestle in
Watching the small striped snake
The brown and white string coiled back
Awaiting attack
And saved to slip away
Sliding along the crack in the sidewalk
Off to another place
This moment captured in my mind
This place of home,
And tomorrow soon new horizons await
Where an ocean calls to sun
We will leave behind
The wild fruit
For others to find
And may they be happily surprised
And feel the same
As I do this moment
This perfect day.

Being petrified of snakes I am learning to overcome my fears of encountering them and letting them do their thing…just don’t eat all my berries you little slithery things.

As darkness moves (along the bay)

Eyes deep
Like the ocean or the lapping bay
At parks edge fountains flow,
The liquid rides the concrete shores
Of this mapped city of history.
Life it seems,
It repeats like
Skipping records scratched
The errant youth caught up
In words spoken
Too often heeded
Yet so far away
From the love that’s needed.
What brought you here
Within these walls
To turn the tide of others lives,
Like a hurricane
That rips apart
The beauty of life,
Leaving destruction and loss
That moment that builds the slabs
Of granite for tomorrow.
Who turned your head
The thoughts of inside out and back again
To something so wrong
And I wished you could have known
To have had the feather touch of
The words of universal love,
To guide you home
When you lost your way
On this yet, another dark day
Moving in the place
Of history prayed not to be forgotten amongst
So many like you before,
As eyes awash with emptiness
That alas,
No longer see.

Thoughts on a place I spent many a day, Charleston S.C, walking by that church, such a beautiful city filled with so many walks of life….tragic…in my prayers and thoughts and inspired by another great piece of poetry found at:

Drive around/lunch hour state of mind

Going nowhere
Lunch time moves
Food in and down and round
Like cars on freeways
Spinning towards the destination
And I laugh as I sit
In my little car
And a few four doors down
The music fills the air
Gary Numan “cars”
And into my mind it goes
This song from rest stop years passed
As I travel through my day
Spinning wheels
Going nowhere
And the song keeps playing
And I dream a moment away
Of silly yesterday
And hanging at the beach
As feet hung out windows
Covered in sand
And the bell rings like a horn
Driving my mind back round
To here and now
And the stop sign ahead
The dreaded wall
Where speed bump slows
Leaving no wind in hair
As time to move forward
Into the traffic of the day
Beep beep
Get outta my way.

Silly thoughts while on my lunch, sitting in the car listening to the song cars and realizing in life we wiz around and back again through our days…maybe it’s time to get the motorcycle out, sun is shining but don’t feel like eating the morning bugs….sigh….and G, I purposely used no punctuation…in case you were gonna ask😆 she says with a big old smile.