Essence in a drop

Each drop of emotion falls
onto the surface whole
round and complete within itself
wrapped in the essence
of all it is.
Energy flows through
conducted power passing
in waves of a hundred thousand more
feelings and thoughts
and questions that never cease
to be still.
I feel through the distance
the currents of words spent
like dollars at the human bazaar
filled with colors unexplainable
and of love imagined and felt
like a touch in the night
reaching out to see
if you are there
and real.
The depths unfathomable go blue to black
as the light trickles in to manifest
the life that teems below
silently watching the moment unfold
as moon so full shines down
the stream moves
meandering through rock formed
long before the time
of this thought
and the creation cocooned within
calling to the universe
give no quarter to that
which stands to block this power
let it through to breathe,
let it be
its essence
of a whole.


Words locked within
Spun tales of wonder and fantasy
Rainy day reads wait
For light.
Held in hands these phrases
Correspondence of dreams
Immersed in escape
Imagination in form.
Page after page turning
Memories surface of days passed
And trinkets of wisdom gleaned
For but a moment there again
In your words I become you.
The feelings and emotions
Of drifting moments
Stranded in the mind of bliss
The treasured chest opens to reveal
A heart left spent and drained
It’s lifeblood penned
Into the masterpiece.

To the writers who give the greatest gifts, themselves. With each story that takes our breath away, each poem that sets the soul to life, and to the muses who never stop giving of themselves…inspiration abound.